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So what do you guys think about the end of death penalty in Illinois?


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  • So what do you guys think about the end of death penalty in Illinois?

    So our "wonderful" governor has heard the cries of some people and has abolished the death penalty from the state of Illinois. Come July 1st of this year, Illinois will be capital punishment free. So I am interested to what you guys think? Also if anoyne has numbers on how much tax money goes to keep one person in jail for life.

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    The criminals win again in Illinois.


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      Cost of Life Without Parole: Cases
      Equivalent To Death Penalty Cases
      1. $34,200/year (1) for 50 years (2), at
      a 2% (3) annual cost increase, plus
      $75,000 (4) for trial & appeals = $3.01 million
      2. Same, except 3% (3) = $4.04 million
      3. Same, except 4% (3) = $5.53 million

      Cost of Death Penalty Cases
      $60,000/year (1) for 6 years (5), at
      a 2% (3) annual cost increase, plus
      $1.5 million (4) for trial & appeals = $1.88 million
      Same, except 3% (3) = $1.89 million
      Same, except 4% (3) = $1.91 million

      Taken from prodeathpenalty site but numbers are from 1997.

      I guess it shows in the short term death penalty exceeds life time. But for 50 years lifetime cost more.
      It depends on how long the person stayed in prison. But i believe prisoners do work inside prison to earn
      the prison some type of income. Not too sure on it.


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        On January 11, the Illinois Senate , by a vote of 32-25, joined the House in voting to repeal the state’s death penalty and re-allocate funds in the Capital Litigation Trust Fund to a fund for murder victims’ services and law enforcement. If signed into law, Illinois would become the 16th state to…


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          My only concern, at this time, is what happens when a bro/sis in blue is the victim? Does the scum-bag get life in prison or a special death penalty treatment?


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