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    Although I am not a trooper, but simply went through their local academy, I can say that everything they do is set to a higher standard.. From work to working out they teach you to hold yourself to a higher standard and never accept anything but the best. As for their patrols, I have been on the street since mid December and I can tell you that they have backed me up multiple times on traffic stops. Great department. End of story.


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      I have to say though. For the most part, the only people I see clamoring on and on about the power test are applicants who want the job.

      I think we should disqualify everyone under 25 who never had a real job and still live with their parents. How's that for a discussion?


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        Originally posted by Que_Dog7 View Post
        I see them from Calumet Park to As far south as University Park on various streets. From as far east as Calumet City to as far West as Orland Park. But Im sure they are scattered on the streets in other south suburban areas. Thats just the area in the southern Cook that I frequent most. Always see their cars washed and the Troopers carry themselves professionally always. Thats one thing to admire abt the ISP paramilitary program is that the Troopers always stay in shape, clean cut and carry themselves in a fashion that stands out from all other agencies/LE programs. Tell me one person who doesnt admire ISP and I'll show you a lying fool.... ;-)
        The cars are all washed because they are take home cars. If they didn't have take home cars their cars would smell like barbeque or hot sauce and you would find french fries between the seats just like ours. LOL! Our bosses' cars are top notch because they are take home. When you have a car that's driven on three watches and by different people every day, the cars simply don't get taken care of as well.
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          I was once told by a friend of mine that the shared police vehicles' seats dip in the middle with an embedded smell of fart! My condolences to ya Bruh! Hell, I'll take a freekn go-kart with a strobe light tied to the back of it if thats all was available to me! Thats how much I wanna be a Trooper! LOL....Im just serious :-/


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            yes thats exactly what shared police cars are like. I purposely picked the oldest and most beat up squad we have and brought it back to life. spent numerous lunch breaks, fixing parts with my own money, polishing and vacuuming years of food buildup to call it basically my own.... the only negative is that now others see that the car is in great shape and take it out on duty when im off. oh well the worst they do is pile up fries on the floor. anyway everyone here agrees that if we were issued take home cars, they would all last much longer and would be in better condition as well.
            Alex: You do what you are Jezzie.

            Jezzie: You mean you are what you do.

            Alex: No, I mean, you do what you are. You're born with a gift. If not that, then you get good at something along the way. And what you're good at, you don't take for granted. You don't betray it.

            Jezzie: What if you do, betray your gift?

            Alex: Then you betray yourself. That's a sad thing.


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              Has anyone heard anymore rumors about CC119?
              Im gonna make a call or two n shoot an email or two. See if I can dig up some info.


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                Hey guys any new info, rumors, thoughts, etc.? Just getting kind of anxious wondering when they are going to start up the process for us currently in the eligibility pool. I'm hoping that since the applications are coming out in March, they will start up backgrounds around then. But then again we've been waiting this long, what's waiting some more!!


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                  Hey everyone, just trying to keep the thread alive a little bit! Just wanted to say that even with all of the budget talks going on we have got to keep our heads up and hope for the best. In the end, it will all work out! This was advice given to me by a friend who also wants to be a trooper and it lifted my spirits so I hope to pass it on to everyone else. Also, good luck to all of you applying and testing soon!


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                    After tax increase, Quinn budget offers more pain:
                    By DOUG FINKE ([email protected])
                    THE STATE JOURNAL-REGISTER
                    Posted Feb 16, 2011 @ 11:48 AM
                    Last update Feb 16, 2011 @ 11:02 PM

                    Budget cuts

                    Gov. Pat Quinn's chief of staff, Jack Lavin, said Quinn proposed Wednesday more than $1 billion in spending cuts. Among reductions highlighted by the governor's budget office are:

                    *Healthcare and Family Services , $552 million: Reduction in Medicaid payment rates to hospitals and nursing homes
                    *Healthcare and Family Services, $107 million: Eliminate Illinois Cares Rx prescription program for seniors

                    *State Board of Education, $95 million: Cut in state support for regular school transportation

                    *Human Services, $53 million: No funding for new field office staff for caseload administration

                    *Aging, $24 million: Eliminate Circuit Breaker program

                    *State Board of Education, $14 million: Eliminate state funding for regional school superintendents

                    *Illinois State Police, $10 million: Eliminate funding for new cadet class
                    *Natural Resources, $2 million: Eliminate funding for new Conservation Police class

                    *Natural Resources, $750,000: Eliminate funding for Wildlife Prairie State Park

                    *Corrections, $1.5 million, Eliminate Franklin Co. methamphetamine project

                    *Corrections, $1 million, Eliminate shared services contract

                    *Agriculture, $600,000, Reduction in funding for soil and water conservation districts

                    Source: Governor's Office of Management and Budget

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                    • Remember they have other avenues to fund a class, i.e., gaming board. No need to panic. It just means Quinn isnt giving any money for a class which is no news.


                      • I was told yesterday by a high ranking ISP boss, a June Cadet Class is being planned and another one for late fall.


                        • Originally posted by ISP4ME View Post
                          I was told yesterday by a high ranking ISP boss, a June Cadet Class is being planned and another one for late fall.
                          That would be great! ISP is what I really want. Ran into a trooper at a gas station off of the highway tonight and he was a great guy. He told me to stay in shape and told me if I got into the academy it was going to be the best time of my life. Short conversation but it ended with him wishing me luck which was nice. To be lucky enough to experience that academy and serve with troopers like that is something I hope for every day. Hopefully everything goes smooth and they are able to get another class in there soon! Let's keep our fingers crossed everyone.


                          • www.illinoistrooper.com

                            Testing has been cancelled until further notice. The roller coaster ride continues.


                            • Just saw this on the ISP website guys. The same thing happened last time I applied; they said the application would be ready and the night before they said it would not be ready until further notice. Hopefully they get a new test for all of you waiting to apply and start moving us in the eligibility pool further along with the process. Let's just keep waiting and be patient...something will happen soon!!!

                              NEW NOTICE 2/28/2011:

                              Due to the continuing budget crisis, it is unclear when the next Academy class will be held. No firm date has been scheduled for Recruitment Testing. The application process will be closed until further notice.

                              Please continue to visit this website for the latest information on the Recruitment and Selection Processes.

                              | 02/28/2011 |


                              • Well........ I was really looking forward to getting this process started.

                                ChiGuy7, how long was the wait when you went through this similar situation?


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