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  • RQQ Team! Well Stated


    • Humbling stage.


      • I remember reading somewhere on either this website or another website where all of the cadets that are in cc119 got assigned to, does anyone have this information???

        Also, does anyone know how many cadets are about ready to graduate?



        • Week 22 coming up. Feb10 will be here before ya know it! Great job Cadets of Class119!!!! Keeeeep grinding away as the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming brighter and BRIGHTER! That light that's glistening is the shine of your Stars waiting for you all on the other side. Proud of you all! GO ISP!!!!
          Next up is CC120!!


          • The count I was told as of last week was 63, but that could change based off one stupid mistake.

            I dont know the exact locations all the cadets are going, but I know Region 1 got quite a few. District 15 (tollway) is getting 18, District 2 (Elgin) is getting 10 and D-Chicago is getting 8 (I think). Dont quote me on the D-Chicago number, I could be wrong, but that was what one of their FTOs recently told me.


            • D-Chicago is getting 13...that is from a M/Sgt as well as Command/Trustee meeting notes


              • This is interesting...


                Does ISP do ride along's?


                • Originally posted by burwill View Post
                  Does ISP do ride along's?
                  It's up to each District Commander to decide if they allow ride alongs and who gets to do ride along.
                  183 FBINA


                  • Thanks ISPCAPT.


                    • Boy oh boy do I dislike rumors but this one I can't seem to ignore. I'm reading about how not only is Gov. Quinn going to make MORE ISP budget cuts, but he is now talking about a hiring freeze as well. That in itself doesn't sound like fun times at all. One of my buddies who retired last week said there were 403 Troops who retired in all of 2011. How can Quinn even think about a freeze at this time of high retirement numbers?!? Just wondering about those of us who already passed the test and are on the elig. list...How will this impact us? Do we have to retest after the freeze? Is that info about a freeze has even the slighest truth to it???? Very concerning and discouraging for those of us working our butts off to keep in shape. But I won't let it deter my lifestyle of working out daily. Gotta stay hopeful n ready!

                      Any info to discredit or validate the rumor is very much appreciated! Thanks.
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                      • This is only a proposal- So much can and will happen with this budget. Try and stay positive.


                        Poe: Illinois State Police targeted for budget cuts.Social Media
                        The State Journal-Register
                        Posted Jan 20, 2012 @ 11:00 PM
                        Last update Jan 21, 2012 @ 08:13 AM

                        The administration of Gov. Pat Quinn could be looking to trim the Illinois State Police budget as the state continues to grapple with a bad economy and more than $8 billion in unpaid bills.

                        Rep. Raymond Poe, R-Springfield, said members of the House Republican staff have told him the governor’s budget office is eyeing a $25 million cut in the agency’s budget for fiscal 2013, which starts July 1. The Illinois State Police budget this year is $398.7 million, $271.6 million coming from the state’s general fund.

                        “I hate to see the front line cut,” Poe said. “If they’re going to have to cut anything, I hope it’s out of administration, not the front line.”

                        Kelly Kraft, a spokeswoman for Quinn’s budget office, on Friday would not discuss the $25 million figure or whether the governor is considering any cuts to the ISP in his budget, which he is due to present to the legislature next month.

                        “The governor will introduce his budget on Feb. 22,” Kraft said in an e-mail.

                        However, Monique Bond, a spokeswoman for state police, said the administration is not considering combining the state police districts in Macomb and Pittsfield today, although that could change.

                        Bond described the state police facility in Pittsfield as a “trailer.” She said agency officials have to look at their options.

                        “Right now, it’s just not under consideration,” she said. “These are things we’re going to have to think about. We’re always looking at how we can operate more efficiently.”

                        Even if the Pittsfield facility were closed, state troopers would still patrol the area, Bond added.

                        “We don’t want the community to think there’s not going to be a district in your area,” she said.

                        Chris Wetterich can be reached at 788-1523.


                        • Thanks dmwn
                          That's what I read on another ISP blog. As sad as that info may seem, there HAS to be something to balance out the scale of the high number of Troops being lost. They can't afford to slow down or even stop the hiring process because at the rate of losing 100-400 per year, eventually the Troopers' will be compromised to a point where numbers will never be able to be replaced. It's already difficult enough with replacing the number of retirees with only 40-60 per class....and that's with ISP still hiring and having cadet classes. Something's gotta give....


                          • Not going anywhere for awhile? Grab a Snickers Bar....

                            I'm just coming out of the Merit Board meeting and I spoke with the Director one on one. As ISPCAPT and MetalMP has previously posted, there's absolutely NOOOOOOOOOOO $$$$!!!!
                            The sad thing about it is that with all of the recent retirements, Quinn is even talking about cutting the budget by another $25million!!! ISP's numbers are so dangerously low that Quinn is gonna have to pull money from somewhere. Director Cooley said this has been a threat for the past 3 classes and there ended up being a Cadet Class that graduated each year so there's no need to panic. At this time there is no expiration date for those of us in the pool so that's a good thing....but at the same time there will be no new candidates added to the list and no new recruitment testing until they move forward with the people already in the pool. He said it will take about 4 months at most from BI's to orientation whenever the green light is given for CC120. The number of active Troops are VERRRRRY LOW! I'm not going to ever post the actual number given....just know they are low and need more classes bad! Just stay positive pool people, and in shape. This is deja vu....nothing new here to see....
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                            • Also I was told that by cutting the budget by $25mil means that shifting staff to D15 and Medicaid Fraud unit is a way to lower the ISP budget. Who knows. Just know you better not take this info as an opportunity to take a vacation/break from working out because as recent history with the past few classes, Quinn pulls $$ from some magical place. We shall see....


                              • Thanks Que Dog for keeping us informed. The good thing is that at least those of us on the list will not have to retest. Yes we have to continue to wait but at least our list is not expiring, at least not yet.


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