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  • ISP take home cars

    Hi, I would like to know if it is true that the ISP gets take home cars? If so how do troopers start there shift? Do they drive the take home car to district HQ or do they get on the radio and announce that they are, "now on duty?" On the same note could someone please explain why I once saw an ISP car assigned to the tollway district parked in a tollway maintenance yard (the yards where the salt trucks park?) Please let me know thank you.

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    i put a remote start in a master sgts car. It was a take home un marked squad. I asked him the same thing. He said that its as easy as going on the radio and telling dispatch your online. I always wondered if that was true.
    Please let me know, Thank you.
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      Seriously, just where in the heck do you come up with all of these questions? Do you just sit around and think of annoying questions to ask us cops? Did you take note that like most of the rest of your questions, there were 8 views and no replies before I decided to respond?

      Ok, now to your never ending list of questions....

      YES, troopers are assigned take home cars, similar to county sheriff deputies, secretary of state officers and the like, When their shift starts, they simply walk out to the car and go on the air like you assumed. Some have pre-assigned or permanently assigned partols or zones and some when they go on the air are assigned to a different zone or patrol within their district and the dispatcher tells them what partol or zone they are for that particular shift when they go on the air. (w/ISP, they call it a patrol).

      The reason you see all those ISP cars parked in the tollway maintenance yard near downers grove is because district 15 state police are COMPLETELY funded by the tollway system, by the tolls you and I pay, that is if you are even old enough to drive. They are not funded or paid out of regular tax dollars like the rest of the districts throughout the state. That said, the same people who do the maintenance on the dump trucks do the maintenance on the squad cars.

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        No, no, no, no, no... Chitown, no. Just no. Enough is enough already.


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          Thank you and what I ment was, ISP district 15 cars parked in the same yards that the tollway dump/salt trucks Park when they are not beeing used? Thank you and stay safe.


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            So you want to know if they have take home cars because you see police cars parked in the salt dump lot?
            Do you think the troopers live in the dome hut with the salt in it or something?


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              Two Separate questions, and know I don't think troopers live in the salt dome. LOL


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                YAY! Hookt on fonics werkt fer me two!!!!! YAY!


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                  I really hope this is just a silly kid..


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                    CHiTown, you are NOT for real... There's no way! I think you're some kid who has nothing better to do than play on the computer and goof around on forums. You've probably got a lifetime membership in one of those internet gaming cafes. Put down your Mountain Dew, Amp, Doritos, and lightsaber. Go back to playing at your LAN party, as your friends are probably relying on you to save them from the evil zombies and wizards. Take a shower. Try to get up before 4pm tomorrow afternoon, or else your friend's parents might not invite you back to any more sleepovers...

                    You havent fooled us!!!

                    It's been fun, Chitown, it's been fun...


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