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  • Traffic Court

    What can someone expect to occur in traffic court for a person who was driving a vehicle under the following:

    1) The vehicle did not belong to the driver. The owner was in the passenger side of the vehicle at the time of the citation.
    2) The vehicle was uninsured. This was a first time offense.
    3) The driver has a clean driving history.

    What can that person expect to hear from the judge?

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    Assuming you are going to the Daley Center.....

    1) It doesn't matter who/where the owner was. The driver assumes all responsibility and to prove insurance. Usually in these cases, the owner rarely comes with.
    2) If you plead guilty, they judges take it easy on first timers. That being said, I've seen the fine from 5 to either 100 or 150 for the first time. Add in the mandatory court fees of $135 to whatever you get.
    3) The clean record helps, but this is Cook County. The judicial system is a joke. Serving 3 years for killing someone isn't uncommon, but traffic court is a source of revenue. They are ususally more lax if your record is clean, but it depends on the judge and prosecutor.


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      If it is in Lake County, it makes no difference that the driver and the owner are not the same person. If you show proof of insurance in court, the charge will most likely be reduced or even dropped if it is a first time offense.


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