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    I have a question about my background. I thank you all in advance for your response.

    I really want to get into law enforcement and I have just begun the testing stage.

    I am 29 years old with a four year degree in finance from a University. I have never been arrested. I have average credit and believe I have established myself as a good person within the community.

    However, while back in college I did experiment with drugs other than Marijuana. This is something I am not proud of and do understand that it was a mistake that may have an impact on the rest of my life. Although I have not done any drugs since, and truly know for a fact I will never do it again, will I automatically be disqualified from the recruitment process?

    Thank you again for your response!

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    I would have to say almost every department has different standards on what’s acceptable and what’s not. (case by case) If you lie about it and then you fail the lie box, your done, if you tell the truth and they don’t love you right off the bat, your done, then you have to test for a Dept that doesn’t poly and deny it. Some times they only ask if you have done anything in the last 7 years or even 10 years. It also depends on what you did. If your like I tried hash or nitrous once, that’s one thing, if your talking like heroin and crack etc, check out GARDA.


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      ofc8269 is right when he said every dept is different when it comes to the standards for what they (depts) accept and dont accept as far as drug use. Assuming you graduated in your early 20's and you are now 29 and havent used drugs since you were in college that is a good thing. I would say it depends on what drugs you used and how much/how often you used. Some depts may DQ you right away but you never know until you try. Be honest and test all over.


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        If you have tried anything other than MJ (experimental) your chances of getting into federal LE are limited. I would look into there drug usage policy before applying.


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          Originally posted by ofc8269 View Post
          If your like I tried hash or nitrous once, that’s one thing, if your talking like heroin and crack etc, check out GARDA.

          What's GARDA?
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