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    I'm in an academy in MO, but I would like to work in IL (my home state) at some point in the near future. My question is, do IL departments allow for you to simply take a POST test or would I be required to go through their own academy? Thanks for your help. Hopefully that's not too stupid of a question.

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    Every single department/agency is different. There is no universal state rule.


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      Originally posted by rolt View Post
      Every single department/agency is different. There is no universal state rule.
      Actually rolt, I do believe that all departments and agencies are all regulated by Illinois Statutes / Administrative Code and Rules of the I.L.E.T.S.B. aren't we? At least thats what it says on their Website ( http://www.ptb.state.il.us/legislati...ation_main.htm )

      To answer the question, there have been several threads that answer this question...however...

      The Illinois equivilent of a POST, the Illinois Training and Standards Board (ILETSB) oversees officers training, and individual departments can not decide whether you need to go through the academy again or just take a test, unless you are already Illinois PTI Trained, in which the new department still needs to apply for a waiver of training. With that said, they do check your out of state training for equivilency to Illinois training and in some cases you just need to take the Illinois Law Update Class (40 hours) to learn some Illinois law and you are good to go and the Board will issue the dept. that wants to hire you a wiaver for the training. I am not sure if the Board will answer your questions as an individual, in most cases, they want a dept. who wants to hire you to call and submit the paperwork and then the Board will issue a decision.

      See here www.ptb.state.il.us and click on the "Out of State Trained" link for more information.

      Here's a link to one of the most recent threads on this topic, also posted by a P/O from Mo:

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        Thank you. Very helpful info.


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