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  • Water Reclamation Police

    I saw the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago Police was hiring. The announcement said they start at $68,000. Any info this place? I would imagine politics play big?

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    Politics weren't an issue for me, i tested with them last time around and was offered the job without having any political affiliations whatsoever. I was already working for another agency and passed. When I was offered the job I was under the impression that working for them would be like a very well paid security guard position. They start at that $33 an hour rate but do not get raises.
    My worst day as a police officer is a million times better than the best day on any other job!

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      what's ot like?


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        where do you get applications for them?
        Please let me know, Thank you.
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          I did a short stint there when it was still called Metropolitan Sanitary Dist. of Greater Chicago (that was a mouthful to fit on a star). It pretty much was a well paid security job. You mostly worked the gates checking cars in and out (each employee would call out his emp. # as he went in or out and you'd log it). They had a north and south/southwest channel car to patrol along the Sanitary and Ship Canal, but you were NOT encouraged to do any type of Police work. Better to call for ther local PD if you ran up on something. You had no police radio dispatcher, it was the District radio dispatcher that dispatched the boats, and all the other District employees. They may have got ISPERN in the cars by now, don't know.

          The pay scale was wierd. Everyone got the same pay. When you got hired, your pay was the same as all the other Patrolmen, regardless of how long they were on. Then when there was a pay raise, everyone got it. We had to belong to the "Oiler's Union." Also the shifts rotated every 7 days. That may have changed by now. Back then you didn't know if you were coming or going. You'd go 6 and 2, then rotate. After 3 or 4 rotations, you were off for like 4 days staright.

          There were a lot of Ex-Police working there. Guys that had 7 years here or 11years there and got jammed up, went there.

          One reason I left was that you could only wash and wax your car so many times in a week. It was boring.. If you want to have a star that has "Police" on it, but don't want to do Police work, if you're retiring from the job somewhere else, or want the Cadillac of security gigs this is the place.


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