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    Make everyone in Chicago carry, in a few years it will sort itself out and not be so crime ridden because many of them will be dead. When you make a victim zone like Chicago, you can expect problems. Change the balance and it will equal itself out.

    Not practical but I'll go for it.

    Even a 2% carry population in Chicago is an additional 56,000 people. Wouldn't the PD like that much more reenforcement? I know around here they do. An officer in my town said it is like having volunteer auxillary on light duty all the time. Just because half the population lives in Chicago does not mean that the rest of the state has to suffer too. I am sure everyone in Chicago agrees that "it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it" when it comes to condoms.
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      Originally posted by TuxEMS View Post
      The Mayor said he will fight the handgun ban that the city has in place. I wish he would just give it up already. Illinois and one other state are the only two without some type of handgun carry law.
      Wisconsin is the other state.


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        Originally posted by Illinois Edmond View Post
        I'm not going to get into the off duty LEO carry because I totally agree with you on that. In fact, I believe some agencies make it mandatory for off duty carry.

        At risk? Aren't we all, even the police themselves off duty, at risk? Majority of the time, when some thug tries to rob an off duty LEO, who wins? The good guy!

        It's about self defense. Self defense is a basic human right. You can learn all the karate and lift all the weights you want but it's not going to work for everyone. A firearm enables those who are physically weaker than the attackers to defend themselves. And I would dare say that attackers will pick out the weakest potential victim, that's why you don't (or rarely?) see uniformed LEO's being robbed!

        Well, i have a quick story about an off-duty incident that happened 2 me. About 8 to 10 young, punk-***, wannabe gang-bangers tried 2 jump me. to make a long story short, my partner, Mr .45 ACP came from outta my concealed holster, and wanted to join the party, a party that the punks didn't want to be a part of. They ran like the bitches that they were. no shots were fired, either... and i guarantee u that if i didn't have my weapon on me that day, i either would have to run 4 my life, or get beaten and stomped 2 death...


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