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  • Jury Duty?

    Hey guys,

    I got a summons in the mail for standby jury duty. Being new to LE, my question is: Can a LEO actually perform jury duty, or would it be declined for us? Thanks in advance for any comments.


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    You can still be called for jury duty and serve as a PO. I got summoned a few months back for the county that I live in and work in. I asked to be dismissed saying there could be a conflict of interest and that I had child care problems. They excused me right away. Hope that helps.


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      Thanks for the info.


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        You get called all the time, it's just very rare they pick you. I've been called 2 times this year, I called and told them I had court, and they let me off the hook.


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          Not sure what county you are in and if the Coroner's Office is that busy but you can ask to be transferred to the Coronoer's Inquest jury list, that's what I've done before. If there are not inquests that month, you dont have jury duty!
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            I've been on the list many times over the years. In some instances, pragmatic clerks in the courthouse removed my name to save attoneys the trouble of rejecting me. In one case, the prosecutor saw me walk into the courtroom, held a quick conference with the defense, and told me I could go home. Some of my colleagues have been empanelled for civil cases and one for a criminal case. (He voted, with everyone else, for acquittal.) If you do get called up, bring a good book, there can be lots of waiting.


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