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probation violations//dupage county


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  • probation violations//dupage county

    Hey, I'm not an officer, but my sister just got a probation violation and I'm worried and wondering if anyone could give me any idea of how that stuff works...i've never really been in any trouble so I'm totally confused about everything. She's using that to her advantage by being very nonchalant about the whole thing and saying "it'll be fine" over and over. Obviously every case is different, but maybe you can give me some opinions (solace?).

    She's 21 and got arrest in Feb for felony drug possession (heroin). She was sentenced in DuPage in April to 2 years probation (410? 1410? something like that). She's serving in Cook though cause that is where we live. Just last month she got busted for misdemeanor retail theft (she said it was technically a felony because it was $250 but the state's attorney is prosecuting it otherwise but i'm wondering if the judge will still look at it differently). She was suicidal and in a manic episode when she was arrested (when she relapsed she stopped taking her bipolar meds) and she chose to be released on an I-bond and go to a mental health hospital. She was there 11 days. She is now looking into long-term treatment programs but hasn't committed as of yet. She has excuses for everything. She just got a continuance on the Cook case (Judge Iasco(sp?))and her first case for Dupage (Judge Thompson) is the 1st.

    I'm just scared because she really does not understand consequences and she really thinks that she'll "be fine." I don't want to see her end up in jail again but if that's what it's probably going to be, I want to prepare myself and our mom.

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    Let me start off by saying I'm sorry to hear about your sisters problems. Its cook county they have "Theft School". If its her first shoplifting offense she can be given probation and sent to that school. If she completes the program it goes away.

    Now she will still have to attend a probation hearing in Dupage County. I would say chances are nothing will happen but she should have a lawyer and not a public defender. The fact that she is in a tight spot, now since she is looking for long term treatment the court may take that into consideration and make a judgement requiring it in a court order.

    I wish you and your family the best of luck.


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