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  • Originally posted by hfbjr View Post
    i love how people post but are not educated nor do they know anything. there facts, data etc are out dated and down right incorrect. i have been with harvey for a yr. and a half. i know more and have learned more than any others that i have graduated with from the cpd. its funny when people you graduated with call you while workig about a question instead of askin their own.our dept. is changing, the state is pumping lots of money into our dept(a new dispatch center, vehicles ,etc) as well as we 3 about to graduate from the cpd and where hiring 6 or so more. lots of towns might be run by corrupt or whatever you might say mayors, but it does not trickle down to the patrol unit. thats bull****. i trust everyone on my shift. i have never seen anything i thought was illegal.we get so much experience and contrary to what edmund the tactical p.i thinks you can go anywhere because of what you know. i myself can be in 2 other depts, but i like the challenge. working in harvey is a challenge we have it all gangs guns narcotics as well as poverty at its greatest level. in dealing with the people its even different. so dont think for one moment that this dept is terrible. when i walk in to court other officers shake my hand they know what were up against, what we put up with(one cook county deputy who runs the ,etal detector always says here comes the real police- how do you putup with it?) at the academy they call us the real police all instructors they respect us they might knock our mayor, but they never crack jokes like they do about other depts like niles and rosemont, but then again were all the police- no matter where you work the next call you take could be your last. i give all respect to all depts, no matter how big or small, crime riden or not..... but it makes me sick to my stomach about all the ill misinformed people on here who take shots at my dept. it disgusts me and makes me sick. when people start a sentence about harvey with " do they still like have the jump out boyz" no we dont you ignorant bastard that stopped many years ago. edmund i have adressed you before and im doing it again. you dont have the heart or courage to do what i do so keep giving advice on a topic and a whole dept yyou know nothing about. your pathetic and make me sick.
    you can talk about me , my spelling or take shots at me personally, but dont talk about my dept. which obviously you know nothing about ....p.s cpd does not have 13000 coppers, that number is inflated and know one really knows and you can even ask the leuatenants at the cpd and im sure not gonna take advice from a sapposed det from chicago who is on this message board more than he is solving crime
    Let me guess, you tried to get on CPD but failed the psych or background? You were in the METRO academy, not the CPD Academy...we went for 26 weeks, you were there for 13. Don't say that CPD recruits call you for advise, maybe a METRO recruit does.
    IF you can't spell the ranks, you can always use Lt. SGT. Det, or PO. Don't bash Veteran CPD Det on this board, it makes you look more embarrasing then your spelling does.


    • Here is my advice to everybody looking at Harvey PD. If they want to send you to the academy, accept the job & continue to test/apply elsewhere while in the academy {just keep it quiet}. If you decide you like the place great & if you dont, by the time another agency gets to you on their list, you'll be trained & ready to go {tons of people go this route}. If you stay past 6 months then you're probably "stuck". You'll know VERY early on if you plan on working there for the next 20+ years. Just remember, they have had a ridiculously HIGH turnover rate for several reasons....


      • Originally posted by MorseAve1134 View Post
        Growing up in Rogers Park is where I got my experience from. Officers have been convicted of home invasions and putting a contract on other officers lives, I don't think throwing up a gang sign is below some of them. It is not the department I am growing tired of, it's the city. Like another poster said, waiting 3 years for a job is asinine. I've still got years to up and move, but anyone not annoyed by this cities politics isn't paying attention. Plus, there are many "real police" departments in this country, Chicago just happens to be where I call home.
        I believe we have gone down this road reference to having "street cred" by growing up in Rogers Park. As far as having walked the halls of 1300 W Jackson or 720 W O'Brien as an employee of the City of Chicago you will not likely get your chance. Yes there are tons of people on CPD who do not belong there, some were bangers, some were made men, and some just had no business being cops. Go back and read some of your posts and the arguments you created. You dont have a clue about what it is to be a cop or a soldier or a marine or all of the other things you claim to be. Just shut up, listen, and learn!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trying to one-up and bash people who do know what they are talking about is plain stupid and it wont get you far in LE. Not at all.
        You cant arrest me...I know my Commandments!!


        • Backgrounds started today. It's surprising because I thought they would have released their eligibility list before contacting folks to come into the station to sign forms....but I guess not.

          Rumor has it Harvey is hiring 9 and not 6 anymore (boy what a difference a couple of weeks can make). For those of you still in the process feel free to u2u me. Thanks for everyone who has encouraged me to apply, it's been the quickest process I've ever had for a department.

          Good luck guys.....and gals.
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          • i kinda wanted to apply but my fam on CPD and cook county told me to stay far far away from harvey
            Please let me know, Thank you.
            US Army 13M


            • Another Harvey police officer arrested
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              December 2, 2008

              BY FRANK MAIN Staff Reporter
              The FBI is conducting an operation in south suburban Harvey this morning. Sources say a Harvey police officer was arrested today in the suburb and a Harvey detective was arrested last week.

              The FBI said it would release more details this afternoon.

              The Harvey police department has been the subject of scrutiny by state and federal investigators for several years. Over the past year, a task force including members of the Cook County state’s attorney’s office and state police raided the Harvey police department and removed evidence that has been used to bring murder charges against several suspects.

              Also, a charge was brought against a Harvey detective for attempting to interfere in the investigation of a shooting of a fellow Harvey officer.



              • The Eligibility List Is Now Posted At The Harvey PD
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                Gov Blagojevich - "I'am the American dream...."


                • Do Not Work For The Harvey Police It Is A Bad Move !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  Us hill jacks in the cornfields even knows about harvey
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                  • Originally posted by StephDakel View Post
                    The Eligibility List Is Now Posted At The Harvey PD
                    From the looks of the Sun Times article, they may have a few more openings...really really think if you want to be a part of this. So many problems in such a small dept. It may actually hurt your chances for other bigger agencys with Harvey PD on your resume.


                    • How did Kellogg get re-elected? It seems as if so many people are disgusted with him and his antics.

                      Harvey PD is stepping in the right direction S.L.O.W.L.Y with the new PD and new cars coming in. The problem is fish stinks from the head down. That town needs a complete revamp of its administration in order for its officers to perform appropriately.

                      Good policing is exactly what Harvey needs to clean up the **** that is going on.


                      • http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2...in-harvey.html
                        It's better to keep your mouth shut and give the impression that you're stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

                        - Rami Belson


                        • Originally posted by MJN325

                          If you still want to apply for Harvey, or continue with their testing process, to each his own. What that tells me is that you don't care about your future, your reputation, your integrity, etc. As i've said before, you swim in the sewer, you smell like Sh*t. And that sh*t stink will follow you for the rest of your career. To be blunt, i hope those, if they get hired here, stay in Harvey. I know i don't want you working for my PD......

                          That's a pretty harsh thing to say. I don't wanna dissect your comments, because I respect your position as a law enforcement officer. However I will say I have a respected position (not sworn) for a agency that assists CPD everyday. My references include, a former commander of CPD, the Deputy Director of my department, and a retired District ISP Commander. I'm only mentioning this to show I have a pattern of morality and integrity.

                          With that being said, several local officers on this forum can vouch for me....we've talked in private about my decision to continue my application with Harvey. Not one of them have questioned my integrity. I can't speak for all the other applicants, but I can say I'm about as "clean cut" as they come.

                          I'm not like most guys on here who aren't officers yet. I REALLY respect you guys. It's an honor to have a forum such as this one that allows us to communicate. I'm sorry if I've offended anyone by applying to Harvey, posting updates in this forum etc. However it is my personal decision.

                          Once again, thank you to everyone who's reached out to me privately and given me advice this past year. I've soaked up everything you guys told me.

                          Now can we all just get along?

                          P.S MJN325....your link is broken.
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                          Gov Blagojevich - "I'am the American dream...."


                          • I much rather answer your question in a private message. One second
                            Gov Blagojevich - "I'am the American dream...."


                            • Originally posted by hfbjr View Post
                              p.s cpd does not have 13000 coppers

                              You'll never take alive, coppers!


                              • We have tried over and over to get these guys to listen, they wont or dont want to so everyone should just give up.

                                I linked several articles before and now you have 4 officers arrested. I have very close knowledge of HPD and the dept and city admin. I told you guys.

                                I also know for a fact that several other cities and villages have stated that they WILL NOT hire a HPD officer period. Do what you want, when you get stuck there and you go to retire and have no pension then you will see.


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