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Jody Weiss Escort?


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  • Jody Weiss Escort?

    Is he usually escorted by regular cop cars, one in the front & back?

    Reason I ask is because I was walking down the street by my school (Roosevelt + Morgan) and I saw a marked unit using his siren & lights sparingly (e.g., wasn't a constant wail, but of the "get out the way" nature). This was around rush hour and Roosevelt is usually pretty slow/packed from Morgan to Halsted. This day was even worse because the lights @ Roosevelt & Halsted were out (blinking).

    He was going east on Roosevelt but right as he crossed Morgan, he continued east in the westbound lane. That's when I noticed the black SUV behind the marked unit and then an unmarked unit behind the SUV. I think it was an Escalade, but it had the Federal look to it: dark tint. Mad I didn't grab the plates or the unit of the marked car....but I'm just a civilian, what do I care about that stuff, right? It's funny cause some kids were shouting that it was Michael Phelps.

    Was this Mr. Weiss & is this how Mr. Weiss "rolls"? Must be nice especially if he hasn't done anything the cops escorting him have done in their careers.

    Surprised there's not many results when searching for "Weiss" on this board.

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    You're automatically making assumptions with no proof. With your line of thinking I could state "Was that Mike Ditka?" "Is that how he rolls?" (Although I do believe the man does deserve some type of police escort...)

    I have no affiliation with the Chicago Police Department nor do I know what their policy/procedure is for dignitary or brass protection but this whole post s seems like a useless waste of space on a board I have found both helpful, informative and fun.

    Sorry guys, must be a bad day at work!!!


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      Originally posted by jefsmith77 View Post
      but this whole post s seems like a useless waste of space on a board I have found both helpful, informative and fun.
      Thanks for contributing.


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        Would be kind of sad if the ARMED Superintendant of Police needs escorts and bodyguards, likem he's some celebrity...


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          I work in the OEMC (his other place of employment), and have never seen such a circus. At most, he might have a driver of his unmarked crown vic - but I seriously doubt he has a police escort. Think about - besides special events, why in the hell would he need to be escorted by two marked vehicles.
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            The black suv did in fact have Michael Phelps in it. He made an apperance at fosco park at 1312 S. Racine, showing the kids how to swim. All part of his attempt to help Chicago get the 2016 Olympics. Not sure who else was in the suv with him but it was Phelps.


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              and those kids thought it was Michael Phelps!
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