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looking for info on idaho PD's


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  • looking for info on idaho PD's

    Howdy Im a C/O with IDOC and am looking for some info on a few PD's, Kootine county, Nampa PD, Caldwell PD, and Canyon County. Stuff like how much they are hiring and if there good to work for. I know there isnt any officers from them but if you have heard any thing?


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    for Nampa you can go here:
    If you want to find out about benefits you might want to go to each of their websites. They usually have that kind of stuff posted.


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      Im looking for more about the Dep. not the benefits I already get state benefits. but thanks


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        Here, you'll find adds at the bottom right hand side of the page for Idaho agencies that are currently hiring:

        It seems that departments are hiring all over the state--pretty much like everywhere else out here in the west. Take your pick.

        I'm not currently with any Idaho dept, but have been looking myself. If you try the homepage and look under the "Agencies" tab, you'll find several Idaho departments and their respective websites listed.

        Google also works well.... Though you'll have to spell Kootine correctly as "Kootenai" if you want to find anything helpful

        Good luck
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          If your not looking for a pay cut, look for the bigger agencies. DOC pays more then the smaller counties and smaller city agencies. I know quite a few officers that started with IDOC before becoming a police officer, myself included. Boise PD and Ada county are around the highest paid from what I know. All agencies have there problems so it is hard to say which is better to work for. Pick out an area and then check into what the agency is like.
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