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bail enforcing without a bondsman


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  • bail enforcing without a bondsman

    Just wondering if any of you Idaho cops/lawyers/etc (yes all one of you...for the entire state ) happens to know or know where I could find information about recovering bail jumpers but without operating on behalf of a bondsman.

    EG: Bail jumper jumps, Mr. Duval goes to try and find him but either myself or my partner knows where he is already and arrests him.

    First is this legal, second do I still get paid?

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    Originally posted by asci_blue
    First is this legal, second do I still get paid?
    1. No.

    2. No.

    The term bounty hunter is a misnomer. Here's how it works.

    Joe Blow commits a crime, gets arrested and his bail is set at $30,000. Joe Blow doesn't have that kind of money so he gets a bondsman to bail him out. In doing so, the bondsman promises to pay the court $30,000 if Joe doesn't appear. The Bondsman charges Joe a non-refundable fee for this service (usually 10 to 15% of the bond) and to protect his interests, he has Joe sign an agreement allowing the bondsman or his agent to physically take Joe into custody and deliver him to the court if Joe misses his court date. In doing so, Joe waives his right to extradition or other judicial hearings.

    Joe misses his court date, the court issues an arrest warrant and when the bondsman starts checking, Joe is nowhere to be found. The court allows the bondsman a reasonable time within which to find Joe and return him to the court. The bondsman then sits down with his people and negotiates a price for them to find Joe and bring him in. If it's early in the grace period, the bondsman may offer his people a few hundred dollars for grabbing Joe. If it's getting close to the deadline set by the court, the Bondsman may offer several thousand dollars to his people to find Joe and bring him back.

    As a civilian, you can't serve an arrest warrant. Because you are not an agent of the bondsman. you are not authorized to arrest Joe under the contract he signed, allowing himself to be taken into custody. Were you to take Joe into custody under these circumstances, you would probably be arrested for kidnapping and no one would pay you any money. However, you would get some first hand experience in dealing with a bondsman when you hired one to bail you out.
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      call your local sheriff or police....!

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