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  • Idaho DOC/ ADA County Detention

    Anyone work in one of these places? The pay isn't much but it looks professional. Any insights? 8 hour shifts? 12 hours shifts? Morale? Alot of forced OT? Idaho DOC pays so little it's crazy and yet the recruitment video makes it look top notch.

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    Idaho DOC is 8hr shifts while Ada is 12. IDOC morale is low due to pay, and no overtime being paid. You can only earn comp time. The training is actually decent, and the uniforms are nice, but if I had to pick between the two it would be Ada County So.
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      I do work for IDOC and started in the prisons prior to going to P&P. I have not worked for Ada County.

      You are right about the pay being low. Idaho in general does not compensate LEO's as well as many other states. One thing that should be taken into account though when you are comparing the hourly wage with other occupations is the benefits. Both are government agencies and will offer very good medical, dental, vision, and even life insurance. The biggest kicker is the PERSI retirement where the employer contributes nearly 12% of pay for the police/firefighter category. So your overall compensation is going to be much better in most cases than a private sector job making several more dollars an hour. But to answer your question regarding a comparison your rate of pay would be higher with Ada County, hands down. The starting salary for an IDOC CO has been the same for many years and is due for an increase. This is however largely in the hands of legislators and necessarily the department itself. This issue does create a fairly high turnover rate at the CO level because most people are focused on their take home pay and not their pension.

      IDOC prisons are on 8hr shifts and the amount of OT varies with staffing levels. Sometimes it is bad and others it is not. Not surprisingly morale tends to follow a similar trend. As far as professionalism and "top notch" I will say this. IDOC does have a lot a great people in its ranks and our training programs in most cases are on par with or exactly the same as other disciplines. I know many people who have gone through the correction and detention academies and for the most part they are quite similar. In the years that I have been with IDOC I have seen our training programs and specialty teams consistently improve and I believe they will continue to do so. On the other hand I have no reason to believe that Ada County detention’s professionalism and training are not excellent.

      So to sum it up.

      IDOC-state agency and the only show in town as far as corrections goes (except for private and I won't go there now). It has its positives and negatives but there are a lot of opportunities to get yourself above the CO pay grade if you are squared away. You can potentially work your way to the street if you desire via P&P.

      Ada-probably the most populous county in the state and therefore has a great tax base. It can outcompete most (if not all) other counties and the state for compensation when it comes to detention/corrections. I know that the promotional positions in this agency can bring home some very impressive salaries. It is a well-respected and "choice" agency in the state. You can potentially work your way to the street if you desire via patrol.

      You can draw your own conclusions based on what motivates you. In my opinion both are better than making similar pay doing something else. I believe in the service that all the State, County, and City LE agencies provide to the citizens of Idaho.
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        Hi I have a quick question. I have a phone interview with IDOC next week (out of state applicant) and I was just wondering what should I expect as to what questions they'll ask? How long is the interview? and what should I expect next considering I pass the interview? any info would be great! thanks


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