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Best Hawii PD for out of state applicant?


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  • Best Hawii PD for out of state applicant?

    I'm considering relocating to Hawii. Which departments hire the most applicants? Also looking to see if any have a consolidated process?

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    A. Hono PD probably has the most applicants but all of them (Hono PD/Big Island/Kaui/Maui/Sheriff) all do a class or so a year....

    B. No consolidated process. You are expected to fly out there 2-3 times for processing.

    C. Do you realize how high the cost of living is.....and that they will not relocate you...?
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      Best is to apply for Honolulu Police Department. All State of Hawaii county police departments fall under the same union contract (SHOPO). The catch is if you work for Maui PD or Big Island PD and want to transfer to Honolulu PD, you have to go through Honolulu PD academy. Transferring from Honolulu PD to Maui or Big Island is a straight lateral, no academy. Weird huh? Retirement is a straight reciprocity as long as you stay in the State of Hawaii.

      Like bearcat said, think of cost of living. As of 2017, you make about $62k/yr and cost of living is the highest in the nation and there is no signing up bonus. You better have a lot saved up for the move. Expect to pay $1000+ rent for a tiny studio.


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