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MPD Conditional Officer of Employment, other questions


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  • MPD Conditional Officer of Employment, other questions

    So I just finished my -long- day at MPD HQ, got my conditional offer, began backgrounds, and filled in 1,500 bubble answers for the psych and poly tests. (boy my fingers hurt from filling in circles for 5 hours straight!) I'm very excited about this, but I have a few questions for any MPD officer on here, or anyone who may be "in the know."
    • I see the officers carrying Glocks; are these .40 cal?
    • Are back up weapons allowed?
    • I asked my background investigator if there was a policy about duty gear, whether or not it had to be leather, but I don't think she understood my question; Are officers allowed to use nylon gear once through the recruit school?
    • Every officer I've seen with a radio (granted, only about 5 or 6) doesn't use a speaker mic for their radios. Are speaker mics not allowed? What if the officer pays for it out of pocket? They're allowed
    • Is it possible to have registration information blocked by the Hawaii DMV for police officers? I understand it's a small island, and word will get around, but I'd still like to keep myself and my family safe.
    • Does MPD work with the Marshal's task forces? Is there even one for Hawaii? Who does warrant sweeps in Maui county? This is something similar to what I do now, for a living, and I'd like to get into that office later on. Yes, they do

    Thank you all for your help!
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    Why are you so worried about gear and such small issues? If I were your BG, you would flag asking those things. Just get the job first, pass probation, put in your time, then you can worry about it.

    It sounds like if you don't get what you want, you won't take the job.
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      Because I already own and have trained with much of the gear from my other jobs. I would like to know if I'll need to purchase and start practicing with new gear.

      I'm gonna be taking the job if they offer it, but that's not the issue at hand. I am trying to be prepared in advance. This is a big step for me, and I'd like to get this stuff out of the way so I'm not surprised by it later on, down the road.

      EDIT: Mulled over original post, removed portion dictating what responses I am looking for.
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        Just passed poly! Tomorrow is my psych!


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