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Any Smaller Dept's Hiring?


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    Kingsland is one of the fastest growing cities in South Georgia, it is currently ranked 7th largest in size based on LAND MASS (not population) the city currently covers over 45 square miles of area and is growing as we

    All of the standards at Kingsland are high including their physical fitness ones, and yes you must pass the test to be considered for hiring and must pass yearly to keep your job. And yes if you don't they WILL take your badge, the test changes at age 50 for older officers.

    Kingsland currently sends more officers to the Georgia Basic Law Enforcement Academy than any other agency in the county and surrounding counties, these folks are paid while they attend the school and living expenses are also paid for them as well as vehicles are supplied.

    They are actively recruiting officers both sworn and non-sworn. Three military bases are nearby, they spend a good deal of time recruiting at these bases and hire a good many of their folks from the military. They also bring in out of state people the last two academy classes had guys from California and Maine in them.

    The agency is one of the most progressive in the state with the highest pay in the area (they are also expecting a pay hike on Oct. 1) , but having said that about pay, many people from other states are surprised at how low it is. Georgia historically is severely underpaid when it comes to law enforcement officers at all levels and locations when compared to the rest of the USA. Kingsland does have a strong benefit package to offset some of the pay issue.


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      Brunswick is currently hiring, they had 4-5 in the academy that graduated last week in Savannah. They also got a pretty decent pay raise, they had been below the area standard but now they are actually pretty well up and may be the highest in their county, the area also is the home of the Glynn County Police who are actively hiring too.


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        I'll check them out too. Thanks


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          Hey no prob EJ, most of the South Ga. departments are hiring just look around, keep in mind that many are very very very small, nothing wrong with that but it limits your ability to move around or promote up the chain.

          The academy in Savannah started today (yes Tue) they have seated 64 students in two classes which is the max they can take.

          Kingsland has 4 in there, not sure about the other agencies yet.


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            I would rather not go thru academy again, but if I have to, I could. I'm just not a strong runner, never have been. In academy here in Michigan, my best distance was around 4 miles, at a snail's pace. I'm hoping POST will accept my training, and just have me take GA law and EVO (or anything else I might need).
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              EJ - If you do not want to go to an academy again then Ga. & Fl. will be out of the picture for you.

              As far as Ga. goes, you submit your information to POST and if they grant you " part time " status you will be required to take 200 hours of material. That is the minimum of hours that they will have you take at the academy, they might even require more hours. In any event there is no set comparative compliance course here, you will have to be in with a regular academy class and all the regionial ones have an active PT program. Ours in Savannah is a real workout. The runs are not that bad, they start out at a mile and a half and work up to three miles by the end of class. Again you would be part of the standard Basic recruit class until you finished up, so you would be in there with all the 18 and 19 year

              Ga. does not have a state exam as of yet but one is in the works and will be happening soon...

              We just had a 57 year old go as a part timer, he is retired from a city in Ca. after 24 years and just could not stay home and retire after he moved to Ga.
              He actually had a good time.

              In Fl. you send your stuff to CJSTC and they will determine if you can attend the Comparative Compliance course or not, it is 110 hours in lenght and held at various places around the state, primarily at Community Colleges. At this course you would be in a class with others who are qualified, they may or may not have the PT requirements of a basic class it varies from place to place. Fl. does have a state exam which you must pass at the end.

              But good luck what ever you decide. If you need a contact for more info PM me for my numbers.


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                I figured I would have to take the last part of Academy, like GA law and probably EVO ( they don't teach PIT and other maneuvers like that in MI). I just don't desire to take the whole academy over again.


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                  Originally posted by Ejohnson
                  I figured I would have to take the last part of Academy, like GA law and probably EVO ( they don't teach PIT and other maneuvers like that in MI). I just don't desire to take the whole academy over again.
                  Unless it happened while I was in the John, they don't teach PIT here in Mandate either. Unless you count the instructer hitting an orange barrel in reverse at 30MPH. Now that was funny!!!

                  I would also like a chance to go on the fast track. That looks like fun. I offered to rent the skid pad for my birthday party. I thought it would be cool to cook some burgers and dogs and have some spin contests. I even offered to keep the booze at home but they still didn't think it was a great idea


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                    He was going much faster than 30mph when he hit that barell....waaay faster That was by far the high point of mandate for sure, well that and the last day


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                      When I took EVO, the head instructor told us to keep it under 66MPH. The instructor I had in the car with me said "think of that as a guideline". We ended up around 90MPH on the track(we used a test facility for Eaton Corp.). That was fun!! The skidpad was good too, especially when they wet it down and it became like ice.


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