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    Originally posted by alienbow View Post
    I just wanted to find out if anyone else is working and going to school? I'm doing this right now and I have to say it is difficult. It's hard to keep up with work and I have to get extensions all the time now.

    I only have twelve classes left to finish to get my Bachelor's and it is hard.
    I worked full time as a police officer and went to school for the second half of my BA, and for all of grad school thus far. It is difficult. For undergrad, I would take three classes a semester in the fall and spring. Then in the summer I would take one maymester, one through term, and one 1st split session, and one 2nd split session class. I could effectively take 10 classes a year. For grad school I always take two classes a semester. While it is more reading and papers, it is far less studying than undergrad.

    You just have to learn how to manage your time effectively. I bring all my books to work, and when we are slow I find a spot to read, proof read a paper, or make a quick post to a discussion thread. I guess the freedom is the greatest perk of patrol. Procrastination is what will kill you though. Putting off papers or study till an off day just before a due date never works out. It seems like something always comes up. I spent almost five years fine tuning the balancing act. As long as I am getting decent evaluations at work, and B's in school I'm happpy. I'm confident that it will all pay off in the long run.
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      Don't Give Up!!

      Don't get discouraged between the two. I am currently going to school on-line through Troy University and let me tell you it ain't easy by no means. The way I look at it is if it was easy then everyone would do it.

      I graduated from a two year college with my associates in CJ. I then held off for about 2 or 3 years and decided to give it another try. (BTW, I got my associates while working also.) So I checked into Troy University and started taking one class (3 credits) a quarter. They evaluated all my credits and took all of them. Well....I am a senior by the college however, it is still going to take me another 4 yrs to graduate.

      How? Well it takes 121 credits to graduate. I have 73 credits so if you take 1 class (3 credits) a quarter then it balances out to 1 class= 3 credits and 4 quarters = 1 yr so 4x3 = 12 so 12 credits a year x 4 = 48 credits in 4 years.

      48 + 73 = 121 (minimum to graduate)

      I could suck it up and take 2 courses or maybe 3 but the work load that it requres is tremendous and my GPA would fall significantly. The way I look at it is that what am I going to be doing is 4 yrs? So just keep driving on and eventually all this hard work will pay off. This always goes to say that yea you may have it bad but not as bad as the next guy. Funny thing is I always seem to be that next guy. Good luck and keep on keepin' on because tough times don't last tough people do. Later.
      "People may not know what we say here tonight...but by God they'll remember what we do"


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        Let me add this...Troy University is SAC's accredited which stands for Southern Association of Colleges. This accredidation is required for the GBI or any other southeastern state that requires a certificate through the state for a job.

        For instance the GBI as far as I know will not accept a degree from a college unless it is SAC's accredited. Same goes for a teacher trying to get a teaching certificate.

        I am not downing other schools by no means I am just stating what I understand on the importance to go to a SAC's accredited school. If I am wrong please tell me because I would love to go to another school where I can ask for continuances or atleast where I can take it at my own pace.
        "People may not know what we say here tonight...but by God they'll remember what we do"


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          I did it with 3 kids, full time day job, school at night and worked security at the school to offset the cost of tuition. I did my degree 100% on campus prior to the online being popular. Was worth it and one of my greatest far.


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              I am currently working full-time, on permanent night shift. I go to a large university towards the coast, and take two classes each semester. It's difficult, but once I set a goal I continue until I reach it.


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