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  • Questions on a Psych

    Well I have a quick question about the Psych test. This test has about 700 questions on it to find out if you are crazy. Well my question is they ask questions about if you have ever thought about suicide and taking another ones life and things of that Nature. Say you have had thoughts about Suicide and you answer yes on the test would that disqualify you from the Process?

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    You will encounter questions such as have you ever thought about dying and have you ever thought about suicide and committing suicide and then 20 questions later you will have a question asking if you have ever seriously considered committing suicide.

    I think its safe to say we all think about death and dying because face it one day we all will die.

    Suicide, thats a bit tricky because at some point in everyones life they have had at least a passing though of the subject. This could run from a time when the world was coming down on you and you felt as if there was no way out, and during that time you had a brief thought of the subject to a person you know taking their own life. But at some point in everyones life they have at a minimum thought about the subject.

    Now to seriously consider suicide would require you to think about it, take steps to plan or attempt to plan it and possibly even take a substantial step towards the attempt itself.


    Have no idea really, these tests are very much subjective and can even be tailored to meet any number of individual criteria a department might want to look for.
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      I have a friend going for her Doctorate for Psychology. She explained to me that there are some questions that are read flag questions that the Dr. might bring up during the interview. So just have an answer or reasoning for your questions. One of my questions that were a red flag question was “I used to have a bad temper” I answered true. The doctor asked me about it and I told him when I was younger I used to have a bad temper and now I don’t. he asked me why not I said that I have gotten a lot more mature over the past 10 years when I had a temper. But I know she said there are a bunch of questions that they look for and depending they will try to catch you on, and make you explain in detail. Hope that helped a little.
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