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  • ever happen before

    This friend of mine was tell me the other day that his friend just got hired on at Atlanta PD. He said about a year ago he put in for it and they didnt hire him cause of a job he really got fired from but said he quiet. Then about 10 months later he put in another app. without putting that job on there. And said that he never had appiled at Atlanta PD before this time around. They let him come test and did his background and everything and he got hired this time around. And to top it all off he said that his friend said that he was not the only person that has done it there. So to any Atanta officer are any other officer out there has this ever happen at your department? And yes the guy really did get hired. I am not trying to come down on Atlanta PD at all so dont think I am.

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    Word to the wise, don't do this. I don't know about APD, but lying will NOT be tolerated at my department. If they found out you lied (and they will) they will fire you on the spot. It seemed to me you were wondering if you lied about something you could get hired. Don't lie, be honest.


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      Yea I would just tell the truth. I was just seeing if anyone has heard of this before. So I wanted to put it out there. It will all come back on him in the long run.


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        With King Richard at the helm, and his 4.3.05 SOP (truthfullness) being his #1 main baby; your buddy will be fired rather soon, if its true what he did...

        And with that being said, I dont know too many places that will hire an ex-cop who was fired for lying...
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          He is no buddy of mine. My friend was telling me thats what his friend did. I dont even know the guy.


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