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  • Dekalb County Marshalls

    Can anyone inform me about the Dekalb County Marshals. Like pay, benefits, moral of the dept.
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    Well, they only have one L, so that's something important...
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      From what I understand, they are very hard to get on with. They have about 15 deputies and they work 7-3 or something close to that, 5 days a week. Pay isn't spectacular, but they have take home cars (Crown vics, a few Caprices, and I've started to see them in Tahoes). Their cars are set up very nice (all are slick tops with computers and a lot of lights) and they have tasers, external vest carriers, and I think they carry H&K pistols. They do nothing but serve papers and the tasks that go along with it (evictions, etc), so don't count on working traffic or answering calls for service. They will back up other agencies whenever you need it, though, so they are pretty well liked by officers in the county. I think they only hire people who have a lot of experience and are able to handle themselves while not trying to be billy-bad-a--.

      This info comes from talking to a few of their guys and seeing them around the county.
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        Its depressing. Unless you like evicting people from their homes everyday. Sure most deserve it because they are not responsible with their finances, but its tough watching them with small children in tow.


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