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APD Pension Lawsuit


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  • APD Pension Lawsuit

    Any new information out there about the employee pension lawsuit against the city?

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    Been hearing rumors of victory for the good guys on this one folks. Also hearing that the gReed is offering 4 years unpenalized early retirement in lieu of payment and a bump back down to the original pension contribution percentage.


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      For anyone interested or perhaps directly impacted by the ruling to be made in this case, all court documents are available for viewing at www.bellbrigham.com...just click on Atlanta Pension Class Action and there will be a list of documents. It really is quite interesting if you can labor through all the case law. All the rumors going around the city seem to be just rumors. No ruling has been made to date. I'm no lawyer but it seems that the city's defense is essentially a glass house.


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        Thanks tbl87
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          No problem.


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            *** UPDATE ***

            As of this moment, an appeal has been filed, however, this ruling may give legal strength for other cities, and metropolitan areas, across the nation that have reformed their pension fund based upon the trailblazing and precedent setting actions of Atlanta's government:

            City wins pension suit, chill remains with workers

            Reed Touts Win In Pension Lawsuit, Employee Group Mulls Appeal

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              City of A will continue to hire folks that are just happy to not be working at Subway and other sandwich makers. The rest of the department's true cops will continue to abandon ship for other departments. Glad to hear the appeal was set at least. Basic economics shows that increasing the price paid diminishes the value of the return, thus causing an IMPAIRMENT of the pension. My jaw hit the floor when I got the email saying we lost.


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