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Interview with the Cobb County Sheriff


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  • Interview with the Cobb County Sheriff

    In the next week or so I will have a interview with the Cobb county sheriff and his top 4. Has anyone been through this interview that could give a few pointers? I recently discharged from the Marine Corps with 8 years of service and operated a detention facility in Iraq doing 1 of my many deployments overseas so I am confident in my skills and experience. Would greatly appreciate all and any feedback, thanks.

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    I have no experience with the Cobb SO process, but I would guess that most interviews from LE agencies are pretty similar. Being former military also, my interviews felt very much like a promotion board or Soldier of the Year type board.

    I would be prepared for questions like - Why Cobb SO? Why law enforcement? What makes you more qualified than some of the other candidates? Tell us about a time when you had to resolve a conflict. Tell us about a time when you showed extraordinary leadership/went above and beyond/made an important decision with limited guidance from superiors.

    Before I interviewed I googled "common questions for law enforcement interviews," and found many pages of frequently asked questions. I interviewed at 2 different places and was surprised to find that many of the questions I found online were in my interviews. I hate to feel unprepared so I had planned responses for many of the questions I thought I would see.

    Maybe someone else will have specific Cobb SO information for you. These are from my limited LE interviewing experiences-2 interviews, 2 offers.


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      I just went thru two command interviews with two departments locally who are hiring and in the need of POST certified officers. The Richmond County Sheriffs Office and The Columbia County Sheriffs Office. Both have their pros and cons but I can tell you what the call volume at Richmond County i.e. Augusta, GA is amazing. I finish the Post academy in 15 days.


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        I am living all the way in ATL, and when I hear about Richmond County, all I hear is "Action"....


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          Brother action is correct, call volume is amazing I was in the final stages of both Columbia County and Richmond County. I live in Columbia County and work with tons of Columbia County guys at Walmart as a asset protection investigator they get more action at Walmart than they do on the road.

          It is very political in Columbia County where in Richmond County you get to be a cop with the main goal of coming home at the end of your shift. A lot of people leave Richmond County due to pay but right now the sheriff is working really hard to get them to start paying deputies between 34K-36K if he can get that I think it will be all good.

          I also didn't join this profession to get rich but you can make about 50K on specials in Richmond County as clubs on Friday and Saturday are paying about $125 per hour for about 4 to 5 hours of work.


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            $125 for extra jobs at clubs...nice. Yeah 2 hours is too far to drive to work everyday


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