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Fayette Sheriffs Office


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  • Fayette Sheriffs Office

    I am an eleven year vet currently working in the Atlanta area. Im thinkning about going out towards Fayetteville. Can anyone give some insight on the Fayette Sheriffs Office?

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    I live in Peachtree City which is Fayette.

    They have great equipment. All deputies get a take home ride. North Fayette is where most of the activity is because of the larger shopping area at the clayton/fayette line. Let's just say there is nothing good that comes out of clayton county. The rest of the county is more rural.

    They have a drug squad and a very active traffic unit. They also have a deputy on the Hi Intensity Drug Task Force (or whatever it's called). They are not understaffed which definitely allows you to be proactive. You won't be jumping from call to call because there just isn't that much crime in the county. You can view their weekly arrest reports here to get an idea

    It's a good ol' boy agency. Their Sheriff has been around for years and isn't going anywhere until he decides to do so. He will always have your back. Recently, he just hosted a little community meeting with the's director. Your community supports and appreciates the Sheriff's office.

    I don't have a single bad thing to say about them. Fayette is really more of a tight knit community. North fayette is mostly the city of Fayetteville and the old timers in the county don't go up there in them parts!

    After 11 years, I would make an assumption that if you're looking for a place to take it easy and still do policing when need be then this is the place. Also, if you have kids you can't beat the school system.


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