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  • DPS HQ Public Safety cadet

    I see the state is hiring three for this position. Anyone have any first hand knowledge about the job? I gathered that it's a security position at the DPS HQ in Atlanta, but looking for a little more intel. Reading the description, it sounds like a P.O.S.T. security gig (which is kind of an oxymoron in my opinion-P.O.S.T. certified security officers?), but I'm just curious if there's any more to it. Not looking for segways to other jobs (capitol police, trooper, etc.), just a general curiosity. Pay's nothing too impressive, so I'm thinking my idea on what the job entails is pretty spot on. Just wanted to see if anyone knew anything above and beyond what the announcement says, as far as duties and potential for promotion/upward ability (if any). The job title could be very misleading, IMHO.

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    Georgia State Patrol has always had "cadet" positions at Headquarters. They are basically just security. They are usually located at the front entrance when you walk in, you just watch people comming in, make sure they sign in and get through the metal detector alright. This position has never been a mandated position until now. I really dont know why they are making it a mandated position, but it said they may send you to mandate school. I think they have been having people walk in HQ that weren't welcome or supposed to be there. I think this is just an easier way for them to send these cadets to trooper school if they want to go later on since we are having our first abbreviated trooper school this year.


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