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40-8-71 Exhaust system, 40-8-181 smoke, 40-8-184


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  • 40-8-71 Exhaust system, 40-8-181 smoke, 40-8-184

    (a) Every motor vehicle shall at all times be equipped with an exhaust system, in good working order and in constant operation, meeting the following specifications:
    (1) The exhaust system shall include the piping leading from the flange of the exhaust manifold to and including the muffler or mufflers and tail pipes;
    (2) The use of flexible pipe shall be prohibited except on diesel tractors or according to manufacturers´ original specifications;
    (3) The exhaust emission point shall extend beyond the rear or outside of the passenger compartment. The trunk shall be considered as part of the passenger compartment;
    (4) The exhaust system and its elements shall be securely fastened, including the consideration of missing or broken hangers; and
    (5) There shall be no part of the exhaust system passing through the passenger compartment or any exposed stack so located that any individual entering or leaving the vehicle may be burned.
    (b) The engine and power mechanism of every motor vehicle shall be so equipped and adjusted as to prevent the escape of excessive fumes or smoke.

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    Your jumping around in the code sections. Keep in mind that definitions may differ from one code section to the other.

    Code section 40-8-71 is saying every motor vehicle is to have a proper exhaust system (tail pipe) as perscribed in the code section.

    The term "subdivision" as used in 40-8-184 is refering to city and county ordinances.

    Code section 40-8-131 is refering to 40-8-130 which is talking about a cadalytic converter.

    "The vehicle is spewing gray smoke from underneath the vehicle and leaving a huge cloud trail."

    I only used 40-8-181(b) two times and did not issue any UTC. To the best of my knowledge this law is still enforcable. I've only used it for PC in heavy narcotics areas. You can stop vehicles if you see the grey smoke for more than 10 seconds or more than 1,000 feet. But the code section does not apply to the "normal discharge of condensed water vapor" or the smoke you see on cool or cold mornings when you first start your vehicle.


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