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APD injured officers


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  • APD injured officers

    I believe in keeping ones problems in house when I saw this I knew that it needed to be shared please view and support our injured officers who have given so much the citizens of this city.
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    Anyone else hear the new issue with Mayor Franklin? I can't believe that woman. I feel for the Atlanta guys.


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      Originally posted by ls1ssdavid View Post
      Anyone else hear the new issue with Mayor Franklin? I can't believe that woman. I feel for the Atlanta guys.
      Do tell!


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        Let me try to fine a link. I was having lunch with two of my APD buddies. They were telling me about one of there union type reps made a comment about good ole Franklin and she wanted to press charges on him.


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          Sgt. Scott Kreher said he would like to hit Franklin with a baseball bat due to his frustrations over injured Officers not being able to get claims paid.

          Good ole Franklin asks the Feds to investigate the comment made by Sgt Kreher.

          Sounds to me like she is trying to divert the attention over the issue. Thank god I didn't join APD.


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              Originally posted by flyer2007 View Post
              I researched these issues and others a few nights ago, and am really second-guessing if I want to be part of this department. I am disgusted by some of the things I read. Does anyone think there is a chance things will improve after Franklin leaves office? Amazing that people do not respect those that protect them day in and day out.

              I would say no. At least not for another 3 or 4 years. I was at the budget meeting, and we were pretty much told that right now the city has no money, and there is no immeidate plans to add funds to public safety.

              Comming from someone who works for the department, I would look somewhere else. I love working for a big city, never a boring day, tons of specialized units to get into, great for building experience etc.. The city just doesn't take care of it's officers. Might as well go somewhere where you can earn better pay, and know that if you get injured in the line of duty, the city will have your back.


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                +1 on what boxing said.


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