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Dekalb CountyPolice Chief at it again


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  • Dekalb CountyPolice Chief at it again

    Dekalb County Poilce Chief seems to have got his self in some trouble again. First Chief Bolton was caught braking the law. Now Channel 5 I-team has caught him red handed again. What are some of the views out there on the situation??

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    OMG, he had the temerity to take 98 leave days that he actually earned in two years!!!!!!!!!! As a Lieutenant I routinely earned 86 days of leave credits every two years before I retired. 98 days is not unreasonable for a Chief. What's the problem with taking leave credit that you actually earned? That's like condemning someone for having the nerve to take a paycheck they actually earned. It's a nice spin on words, but it's just BS.

    The city authorized the trips that he took. What's the problem with engaging in lawful activities elected city officials specifically authorized you to do? If there is a problem with those trips, criticize the people who approved them.

    The Chief did make one major error. He made the mistake of participating in an ambush interview about his trips and absences, where the reporter threw rhetorical questions at him, never gave him a chance to properly respond, and never gave him time to research the questions and provide thorough and thoughtful answers. The Chief should have told him to present his questions to the department's Public Affairs officer, so the issues could be researched and the public provided with the complete answers they deserve.
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      I didnt see anything wrong with what he did, and in fact I am extremly ****ed that they would ambush him like that and not even let him answer!!He has done great things (from the outside looking in) and they want to [email protected]#t all over it.


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        I understand earninfg comp time , and I earn plenty of it as well, but some of the things cited in the report dont look that good:

        1. 2 officers killed, and you decide to fly out the same day, suspect still at large ????

        2. K-9 shot in face, major crime spree, officers injured in car crash, and agin you leave ?...

        3.. Just the comparison of the 4 chiefs in the area,, several took no comp days, and one took 18, and you took 62 ? or 98.... just sounds a little excessive for a chief of police.....

        Entitled to the leave ,,, YES he was,, ,but it is a public relations nightmare to
        do what he did and try to defend it.....

        I would think that a guy who has been around the block like he has, would be a little more Savvy.... IMHO.......

        My thoughts are my own and do not represent my agency, dept, or company.


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          [QUOTE=2971511;1513672]Just the comparison of the 4 chiefs in the area,, several took no comp days, and one took 18, and you took 62 ? or 98.... just sounds a little excessive for a chief of police.....

          The story included vacation and sick leave days with comp days. I earned 43 days of annual leave credit (two whole months) per year before I retired and it was use it or lose it for me. If you think for one minute that each year I was about to forfeit two months of leave credits that I earned, all in the name of public relations, they you have a strange sense of values.

          Let me ask you, would you give up two months of leave credits (two months salary) per year from the books, just because your critics (and not your supporters) demanded it of you?
          Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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            This isn't the first time his ethics have been called into question.

            He lived in a motorhome at Stone Mtn Park for several months and never registered the vehicle. In Ga that vehicle would have about three thousand in licensing fees. Then he FIRED officers for not doing the same and had the vehicle records of lots of officers pulled to enusre they had current car tags. and his motor home looked just like one that the pd bought for a command post.

            On top of the fact that when the previous chief was run out of town by the county mayor's "minister" that chief Bolton was not on the list of finalists for the job. He was a last minute suprise selection. And from some posts from Dallas PD officers after the hiring, it appeared he was not going to be employed at DPD much longer.

            Then you also take into consideration he has been the chief for two plus years and still his family doesn't live there? Kind of weird.

            Besides the fact, I would think a chief of police is one of those jobs that you are expected to work lots of extra time.

            And the interview was fair, watch both parts of the story and you will hear the chief justify his first class tickets and $350 a night hotel.

            Cities and counties all across the country are out of money and it is this kind of entitlement mentality by the brass and supposed leaders that has put us there.


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