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Headlight tinting, and tailight tinting question...

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  • Headlight tinting, and tailight tinting question...

    I have a few questions concerning the local laws about tinting headlights, tail lights. As a concerned citizen I am wondering if these would get me into trouble if I installed them. Here are a few pictures. As you can see the front headlight has a tint overlay on a portion of the headlight. As it doesnt affect the light output because it is around the HID bulb would this be deemed legal? The turn signals are still very bright. Also, I read the tail light tint is only legal if you can see the brakelight from 500 yds away? The tin hardly darkens the brake light and it is very visible as I had a friend following me on the highway at night and they said its very visible. Also it has a 3rd brake light so I dont see why this would be illegal. Also, if this is legal and a officer pulls me over how can I politely explain to him that this is fine? I dont like to be rude to officers because I understand they are trying to do their job. Please advise and any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    cant have it here
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      That's a sweet ride... but I quote from the book:

      40-8-22 (d) The headlights required by this Code section shall be maintained in proper working condition and shall not be covered by any type of material, provided that the covering restriction shall not apply to any vehicle on which the factory headlights were covered.

      If the headlight tints are after market, then its a no-go. If they came from the factory like that, I would have some paperwork handy to refute - POLITELY, of course.

      40-8-23 (a) Referring to Taillights: "...shall emit a red light plainly visible from a distance of 500 feet to the rear."
      So far, so good.
      40-8-26 (b) Referring to Brake Lights: "Every brake light shall be plainly visible and understandable from a distance of 300 feet to the rear both during normal sunlight and at nighttime, ... No brake light or signal light shall project a glaring or d***ling light."
      Notice it makes a difference between taillights and brake lights. Just going along - 500ft. When you're braking - 300ft. There's a difference!

      40-8-23(e) "All lenses and taillights shall be maintained in good repair and shall meet manufacturers specifications."
      My take on that is; If you put a tinted taillight on, but it came from a particular manufacturer that way, then that particular item meets that particular manufacturer's specifications. But... if you tinted or had someone else tint a lens that was not originally tinted by the manufacturer, to me, that would violate this code section.

      I see from your picture that nothing is covering the license tag - great!
      But if you decide to put one of those cool tinted tag covers on or even a clear one on "because someone might steal my registration sticker," refer to 40-2-6.1 and 40-2-41 for additional reading.

      I tried to answer your questions with as little legalese as possible. If anyone finds any discrepancy in regard to my answer, please let me know.

      The best thing for you to do is to go to the GA legislature website, print out a copy of the laws that might apply to you and keep them in your vehicle for future reference. Please let me know if I could be of any additional assistance.

      ---- Your humble public servant.


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        Ah thank you so much thats all I needed to know. As far as headlights I wont install them because it states very clearly not to do it. Thats no problem tho. The tail lights im sure it will be ok. They are very bright regardless if im pushing the brake or not so I think im ok. Oh thats not my ride I was using it as an example. I have a white one

        Off topic question....
        Is it legal to carry a shotgun in your car? Might be a retarded question but I never got a clear answer on this.


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          ^ yes...if you have a tinted taillight cover then you would lose the reflective properties if the taillight and be in violation

          as for the shotty...yes you can carry one...i'd be sure to advise the officer if you get stopped though
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            Alright thanks. Also another question... haha I should of created another thread... Anyways. My gf lives in an apartment complex and it is not the best area. Ive actually been held gunpoint there one night. What would be the best way to protect myself and my girlfriend when I visit her? If someone pulled a gun on me am I held liable if I fire at him for self defense?


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              ^2 in the chest and 1 the head!!! You have every right to protect yourself and your girlfried!!!


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                I forgot to add a very specific detail... I dont want to go to jail. Ive heard stories about people defending themselves and they ended up shooting somebody and killing them and they got into big trouble for it. ?????


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                  Be situationally aware, keep your head on a swivel.

                  Educate yourself on the proper application of deadly force.

                  Then train, train, train. I you are not proficient in the use of what ever fire arm you own, then you are more of a liability then an asset.


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                    common sense will prevail over a kid with a shotgun he hasnt trained with. besides, a shotgun for defense in your vehicle is a little impractical.
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                      Originally posted by Narco View Post
                      common sense will prevail over a kid with a shotgun he hasnt trained with. besides, a shotgun for defense in your vehicle is a little impractical.
                      Personally I like the shotgun in my car, patrol car of course... though i have been trained to use it properly


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                        ^ i prefer my M4 or MP5 =)
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                          well, I'm not a swat girl like you =) I'll have a patrol rifle one day though =)


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                            Originally posted by Narco View Post
                            ^ yes...if you have a tinted taillight cover then you would lose the reflective properties if the taillight and be in violation
                            That is a good point about the reflective properties code section.

                            I've got a side question to post in this topic.

                            1 What about the vehicles that change the headlight bulbs themselves in order to look like HID or the vehicle has be altered to have HID lighting but the vehicle has a very deep white near blue color spectrum?

                            One officer wrote the guy for having "blue lights" which I don't think would apply. The car does have a very distinct near light blue color which is not of any factory bulbs/cars.

                            2- Red bulbs on the front lamps. Marker lamps. The code section only talks about red if it is rotating or flashing. The other code only mentions the color red for taillights and brake lights but does not mention the required color for front facing turn lamps or marker lamps.
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                              Got a full auto M4 rifle in my patrol vehicle. Comes in handy when you got a suspect stopped on I-20 with a load of cocaine and his buddies pull up behind you. Our department also issues a shotgun which I normally leave at home. Department will not let us use bean bag rounds in the shotgun (they know some perps will get shot), so no need for it in the car when I have the rifle.
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