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  • And more Gwinnett...

    Hi all,

    My husband just got notice that his job at the company he has been at for 5 years is in jeopardy. This has caused us to do some real soul searching about what to do and where to go. We decided that law enforcement would be something that he would really like to do and would suit our family beliefs and lifestyle. Last night, he submitted his application online for Gwinnett. Since turning it in, we had a few questions. If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated.

    1. We took about a week or two to fill out the application, but once submitting it, we suddenly remembered something that should have been put on the "...have done in the past and not been arrested for" section. Is there a way to add it, or do we just mention it if he gets called for an interview? We want to be totally honest. (He forgot to add that he has copied dvd's before.)

    2. Realistically, is there actually a need for new officers in Gwinnett at the moment? He could be out of work in the next few months, and if Gwinnett is full and has tons of applicants, many more qualified than my husband, then I am worried about his app being buried in oblivion. (He isn't POST certified.)

    3. (Dreaming here) Let's say he does eventually get hired, which shifts are the most desirable? (Morning, evening, ect) He has a preference for one, but would work any. I was just wondering what his chances of getting it were. Also, do different shifts pay different amounts? His best friend is an officer at Emory, and they pay more for night shift than day. It actually isn't about the money, but about keeping the schedule consistant with what we are used to now, if at all possible.

    4. When our daughters are older, I am also interested in perhaps looking into a law enforcement career. Would Gwinnett hire someone who is related to an officer they already have?

    Thanks again for any help! :-)

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    GCPD will hire relatives/wives/etc but you can't work directly alongside or ever supervise one another. All shifts pay the same and you will go where the dept needs you once out of the academy. The bulk of the applicants are not POST certified so he's fine there. They are still hiring lots of people. As for the DVD thing, he can wait and tell his background investigator once he gets in touch.
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      Thank you for the help. Lol, I would never want to work alongside him, much less have him supervise me! That would be scary.
      I'm glad they are hiring still, and we will hope for luck.


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        If this holds, they will be needing more officers..

        "Additionally, departments had asked for a total of 321 new positions at a cost of $35.4 million. The finance panel recommended 105 new positions for $8.6 million. Most of the new positions, 75, were in the fire department. Another 30 were approved for police."

        Link to full article



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