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GDC Firearms Changes?


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  • GDC Firearms Changes?

    Ive heard rumors spreading recently that GDC will officially change the duty weapon from the old cowboy action pistols to Glock sometime in the near future. Anyone else heard this?

    PS: I know they're not really "Cowboy Action" pistols. I am simply not a revolver lover. If the only point in your post is about the joys of shooting revolvers, please take it somewhere else. This forum is becoming notorious for its flame wars.
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    Some Instituions have already transitioned over to the Glock, From what I know they are trying to aquire enough pistols to fully transition the facilities staff to glocks, they are getting so many per year. It shouldn't be too much longer maybe by the first of the year it may be done from what I was told.
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      Wonder if they'll leave the standard glock trigger or change them out for the "NYPD" style?


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