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DC to Florida Law Enforcement-need some opinions please


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  • DC to Florida Law Enforcement-need some opinions please

    Hey everyone!

    I'm just getting my LE career started up here in the DC area, but recently came to the realization that I'd like to make a move to Florida in the future (3-4 yrs). Everything up here in DC is politics and work, work, work. And I'd rather trade it for warm weather, the beach, and a boat.

    So with that, I was wondering if I could get some opinions about the area as well as departments?

    I've been looking at the Jacksonville, Miami, or Clearwater area.
    Could anyone give me pros and cons about those areas (housing, cost of living, crime, entertainment) as well as departments you would recommend checking out.

    Also, I've ben looking into the following agencies:
    Hollywood PD
    Miami Beach PD
    Jacksonville Beach PD
    Dept of Environmental Protection -special agent position
    Any comments about the above listed?

    Also, does anyone know if a law enforcment officer certification from Virginia or DC would transfer to Florida standards?

    Thank you for your time.
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    I lived in Florida for awhile and i'm familiar, out of those places i recommend Jacksonville Beach PD if you can get that assignment. It's very competitive and no guarantees but the politics and work will follow you to all those cities you named trust me you'll earn your money. Good luck hope things workout for ya.


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      The Agencies here in South Florida has politics and work, work, work, and more work also. But at least we have the hot weather.
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        thanks guys...

        when i said "everything in DC is politics and work, work, work" i didn't mean working in law enforcement, i was refering to the general population up here. Everybody is a "work zombie" here and it seems like nobody has any sense or rest and relaxation. It's all about work and no play, and as far as I'm concerned, you only live once so have some fun while your here. Hence, the reason I'm considering Florida in the future.
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          I started out in Balto 13 yrs ago. I've been hear 9 and came here for the weather and family. Well every time you say, "you don't pay very well down here, even for the cost of living difference". You get, "but the weather..." Don't come here for what you think you're coming here for. Having grown up in the DC-Balto area, there is just as much to do up there, if not more. The Bay, mountains and change of seasons offer you more than you'll ever see down here. Unless you don't like the change of seasons then don't come for the weather.

          With that being said, there's a 2wk class available through many of the community colleges that gets you certified down here. Jax has good pay/benefits, S Fl is too far and different for me to give an opinion, central and west coast are nice. The retirement for sheriff's offices and state agencies is through the Florida Retirement System which is one of the most solvent in the country. And you can change/move to any agency with FRS and lose retirement time.

          PM me and I'll help you with the details I went through. I would recommend you check out one of the cost of living/pay comparison sites to see what pay level you'll be looking at down here.


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            I agree with you bro, I live in Fairfax County, this area sucks, everyone is so mean and bitter from working like slaves. I am also thinking of getting a LE job in S. Florida eventually, what agency do you work for if I may ask?


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              "I live in Fairfax County, this area sucks, everyone is so mean and bitter from working like slaves"

              hey jigsaw,
              i totally agree with that statement.

              I'm only in the hiring process right now (arlington, alexandria, and MPDC).
              I just moved to the area in May, from Ohio. I don't mind it so far, but it's just really different than where I grew up, and I only picked the DC area because LE jobs seem pretty plentiful.
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                I suggest you vist and see if you like it...If you guys are serious about coming to South Florida brush up on your Spanish and Creol...Good luck...


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