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    Is there anyone on this board that was a lateral to the Miami Police Department? If so, how long was your process? What steps did you have to complete? How long was the academy? Is the academy residential for laterals? What does lateral starting pay start at? How's their retirement plan?

    Also, for anyone else...how many officers does MPD have? Is the moral on the department getting better? What tours do they offer? Work week? Are most cars manned 10-99 or 10-4? Do they have a newer fleet? Do the cars have internet access?

    Thanks, in advance, to anyone that replies.

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    I do not work for the City of Miami, but a department close by so I can answer most of your questions.

    I can not answer how long their process is...

    The academy is NOT residential. If you are sworn, you generally only have to take a few high liability courses and Florida specific things. (generally around a month or less)

    Their starting pay should be on their website.

    City of Miami has just around 750 officers. They have some cars with two officers, some cars with only one officer. (They do not use "10 codes" - so 10-99 or 10-4 don't mean anything to officers in Dade county)

    The cars are fairly new, and in decent shape (especially the ones asigned to officers as "take home cars"). They do have laptops in the cars, I do not know if they can access the internet.


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