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  • Finish College?

    I have come to a fork in the road with school. After high school I started college and did really well and accumulated over 60 credits. I started working and really put school on the back burner because I was putting alot of hours into my work. In the back of my mind I always thought "well Im going to be a cop so I dont really need my degree" e.g. my brother and my father dont have college degrees and they are making 6 figures. Im only 4 semesters away from getting a degree and the County is on a freeze anyway and it would be nice to have the option to go to the Feds if I wanted which I cant if I dont have a degree. Anybody out there have the same kind of dilemma and know of any good online accredited schools where I can finish up fast before a department gets back to me?

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    I don't know of any online schools but in my opinion I think you should go back and finish, especially if you are 4 semesters away...plus you can work on it through the summer to cut down on the fall and spring courses. You're right, if you want to go to the Feds your degree will be very beneficial to you. Even at the local level you'll receive a bit more $$$ for your degree.

    I think Officer.com advertises some online schools to finish up your degree.

    Good Luck!
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      Go ahead and finish up your degree. If you are planning on a CJ degree, most programs will require an internship with an agency. Use that opportunity to get know as many people in the agency you can, and get your name out there, so when you do apply you can get some good letters of recommendation. It's working so far for me.


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        That was my thought to. "I am going to be a cop so why do I need a degree."

        By pure accident I finished my degree before getting hired. With that being said wisest move I have ever made. Once you get that degree you have it and nobody can take it. Police work is ever changing and who says in 10 years you will enjoy it as you once did. College is becoming very common. So if you don't have a degree it will be hard to find a good job.

        I would highly recommend getting a degree other than CJ. Most departments don't even require a degree. The FEDs especially FBI want degrees in Computer science or accounting. Secondly, if you ever see yourself upside down (which I have seen 100 times Termination, DUIs, Domestic Battery, just not getting a long with the bosses, the list goes on) and all you have is a CJ degree and X years LE experience it may not be the easiest to find a job as it would be if you had "something to fall back on"

        If you do get a CJ degree like xfive4x said use the internship to get both feet in the door. Meet as many people as you can do all that they ask don't complain.

        Lastly, get a degree no matter the major, hardly no one goes back and college time flies, the jobs will still be here, and with this freeze there'll be even more jobs because ultimately PDs and SOs are going to end up so short handed. They are used to hiring all the time and now they are on freezes people are still quitting, getting fired or retiring and Florida is still growing and so is FL crime.


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          There are a lot of standard "brick & mortar" schools that offer online classes as well, even to the point of the full degree being online.

          East Carolina, Ashford University, etc. It takes some hunting. Stay away from the solely online universities. These tend to be diploma mills, have questionable accreditation and the overall quality is crap.

          As Off_kimball stated, stay away from the CJ degree. If you want a good catch all degree, go for business admin.


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            Just finish your degree. You're halfway to the finish line. Anywayz, a college degree helps you finds doors in different working fields. Better to have BA/BS than to have a AA/AS/HS/GED....Plus it looks nice on the wall...it dosen't hurt



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              get you college done. many agencies require an education to get hired and more are requiring at least a ba to get promoted.


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                Originally posted by Ursao View Post
                Stay away from the solely online universities. These tend to be diploma mills, have questionable accreditation and the overall quality is crap.

                As Off_kimball stated, stay away from the CJ degree. If you want a good catch all degree, go for business admin.
                I am actually looking to attend this online school. It is run by the State University of New York, which is a State owned University. All the degree programs are 100% online and promoted toward adults wanting to continue their education while holding down a job. They accept applicants from all over the country and the tuition is the same for both state and out of state students.

                They are accredited by the Middle States Commision on Higher Education


                I believe tuition is about $2200 a year for fulltime students.

                Founded in 1971, Empire State College, State University of New York, is one of the university’s 13 colleges of arts and sciences, accredited by the Middle States Commision on Higher Education. We are uniquely designed to serve adults pursuing associate, bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The college offers affordable, SUNY degrees onsite at 35 locations in New York state and abroad, as well as entirely online.

                You choose how, when and where you will study. When you take courses at Empire State College, you are among the 17,600 adult learners served annually by the college.

                We offer:
                Affordable SUNY tuition
                Degrees that can be tailored to meet your education, career and personal goals
                A clear process for assessing and awarding credit for college-level learning from your work and life experience
                An independent study program, guided by outstanding SUNY faculty mentors, that allows you to study at your convenience
                “Transfer- friendly” policies
                Student online library and study resources

                In recent SUNY student surveys, Empire State College consistently ranks #1 in student satisfaction. Our online degree programs are industry leaders with more than 300 courses available.

                Our 53,000 graduates are proud that their degrees are current, relevant and marketable, often leading to promotions, new employment or master’s degree studies.


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                  Oh and incase you were wondering about the accredition

                  Online Colleges Accredited by MSCHE

                  Berkeley College Online
                  Bryant and Stratton College
                  Cornell University
                  George Washington University
                  Marist College
                  Polytechnic University
                  St Josephs College
                  Strayer University
                  University of Maryland Baltimore County
                  University of Maryland College Park
                  University of Scranton
                  Utica College
                  Villanova University

                  Campus-Based Colleges Accredited by MSCHE

                  Berkeley College
                  Briarcliffe College
                  Brookdale Community College
                  Central Pennsylvania College
                  College of Westchester
                  Computer Career Institute at Johns Hopkins University
                  Hagerstown College
                  Hamilton College
                  Iona College
                  NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies
                  Pennsylvania Institute of Technology
                  Pittsburgh Technical Institute
                  Potomac College
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