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This just ****es me off....


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  • This just ****es me off....

    In my short law enforcement career here in south Florida I've already been to one LEO funeral. That came last November for BSO Dep. Brain Tepford. Now, I wasn't unrealistic enough to think I'd never have to go to another one in my career, but less than a year later I'm headed for a second one with the murder of this BSO SGT and possibly a third if the BSO Detective doesn't make it, hopefully he does make it. This Sgt. never had a chance from what I hear and it ****es me off to no end that someone could be capable to do that to another human being, let alone a cop. I know that this is the risk we all take by doing this job, but I guess you have to block it out or it'll get to you. I've never taken for granted the fact that we are told that there are people out there who want to kill us just because of the uniform we are wearing and the car we're driving in. This is just another sad reminder that it's a reality. People wonder all the time why cops act the way we do, somewhat standoffish with the public. This is why. This is the reason because we know that there are people like this piece of crap that did this out there, and it's at times tough to trust the public. A police funeral brings out members of the law enforcement community from all over and gives you a real feel for the brotherhood that comes along with this job. At the same time it's at the expense of one of our brothers or sisters. The city department I work for isn't too far from Pompano, where this murder occurred, and it could've very easily have been me or any one of us that work down here in south Florida. I can only hope that whoever did this is captured quickly so we can maybe prevent, temporarily, this happening again for the moment. We all need to keep more of a watchful eye out. Be careful out there and be safe to all of you.

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    I just got a call from my Deputy friend. You guys need to be and better be extremely careful in Broward right now.


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      I feel your pain. Very frustrating.

      A man should never be ashamed to own that he has been in the wrong, which is but saying... that he is wiser today than yesterday. Jonathan Swift 1667-1745

      It's only a conspiracy when your party is not in power.


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        Not to be rude or anything, as its a shame another leo got injured & killed, however it seems to me that Broward deputies are getting shot / killed alot more often than the other counties/cities. Is it a training thing?


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          Wait until you get towards the end of your career and "killed in the line of duty" gets replaced by "died prematurely because the job just sucked the life out of them".

          I will turn 60 at the end of this month. In the past six years, 26 of the people I worked with throughout my career have died. Only a handful truly went from old age. Most died relatively early from job related stress, prior injuries or toxic exposures from years back on the job.
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            Originally posted by soflacop View Post
            Not to be rude or anything, as its a shame another leo got injured & killed, however it seems to me that Broward deputies are getting shot / killed alot more often than the other counties/cities. Is it a training thing?
            Not a training thing at all. This area is getting rough. The crime, from what I understand, is steadly moving north from Dade County.

            A friend of mine was the third unit on scene. From what I understand, the deputy was ambushed. He had no chance.
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              Yeah I don't see it as a training thing at all. In this case he was just getting out of his patrol vehicle when he was gunned down, not much you can do about that. Unfortunately though, from what I've heard through my agency and others who have info on the situation, he was shot several times including in the head. There was nothing he could've done. Training had nothing to do with this one. In the Tepford incident, maybe, but not here. And to even imply that it could be their fault isn't right. Nobody forced these pieces of crap to shoot them...it's their fault...not the deputy.


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                yeah worthless scumbags like that guy who killed the Deputy are crackheads with nothing to lose. They dont care about taking a life, it is a "badge" of honor in thier hood to kill a cop.

                i know my Uncle, he was a LEO in the 1970s said that a scumbag shot his partner and killed him. Well that scumbag was killed while eluding capture. My Uncle would go to that scumbag's grave every year on the date he shot his partner, and he would urinate on his grave. I know that sounds awful, but that was how he felt.


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                  Pray for the Family

                  Another tough day in South Florida, It is a tough day for the thin blue line. This makes the line stronger and keeps everybody on their toes. May God bless the family of this Officer who gave all for the people of Florida. Everyone should be proud and not let this day go unforgotten, may the person who is responsible be caught soon and may he pay for his crime.
                  God has welcomed another brave soul into his kingdom. May he rest in peace.
                  "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowlege of the Holy One is understanding." (Prov 9:10)


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