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Pinellis County vs Hillsborough Co Sheriffls office insight


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  • Pinellis County vs Hillsborough Co Sheriffls office insight

    I’m am looking for any personal insight into specifically the above departments, if anyone has anything they are willing to share publicly or message me in private!

    also, if you know of another great department I would welcome input on that as well. I would be an out of state lateral, so sign on bonus and pay for experience is preferred. (preferably West/Central Fl but willing to look elsewhere nearby)

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    Well spelling the name correctly would be a good start (Pinellas*).

    PCSO and HCSO are both great agencies in a great area in FL. There are certainly some differences between the two but I’ll list the major ones and let you work the finer details. HCSO is considerably larger, last time I checked they were in the top 10 largest SOs in the nation. So this means more opportunities for almost everything, but that is also a double edged sword. More competition to get into the specialty you want to do (namely investigations). HCSOs jurisdiction is larger than PCSOs as well, however, in terms of bad areas, I would say they’re about the same. You’re gonna make a little more at HCSO, but you’re gonna be a little more laid back at PCSO. HCSO is one of the few SOs in the nation that has all their deputies (not just the Sheriff) wear a white class A uniform shirt as opposed to the more traditional greens. More people complain about that than you would expect. Both areas (Tampa area as opposed to St. Pete/Clearwater/Palm Harbor) are both pretty awesome spots to live.

    Other agencies to consider would definitely be Tampa PD. Gonna be much harder/competitive to get in cause the pay is much higher and the crime there is very low. Tampa PD is definitely one of the better agencies to work at in the nation. The community actually supports you (for the most part) and it’s just a beautiful and nice community as well. Other than that, close by is Polk County Sheriff’s Office. They’re awesome too. Just a totally different style of policing. Gonna be much more rural and lower pay but the agency is run very well. It’s only about 30 minutes from the city of Tampa if you were considering there as well. Check them out for sure too, and also their Sheriff, he’s always on the news here. A real no BS kind of guy but nonetheless a great man. Good luck.


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      Thanks for the input and the correction, I’m not really sure why I put an I instead of A. I have looked at Tampa PD, and plan to apply, but I do understand it’s a long shot so wanted possible other options as well.

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    If you are looking in the Tampa area, the best agency to work for (I might be a little biased) is the Tampa International Airport Police Department. Good pay. Great benefits:

    This year, everyone received a $4,750 Inflation Adjustment Bonus in June
    End of year Employee Incentive Program bonuses every year. (Last year, everyone got a 5% or $5,000 bonus, whichever was greater. This year everyone got a 6% or $6,000 bonus, which ever was greater.)
    . Insurance rates are low.
    . 3% 457K match.
    . Florida Retirement System pension.
    . Annual $500 health incentive that you can use for gym membership, personal trainers, run/race fees, etc. And more.

    You must be state certified to apply, we dont sponsor.


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