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Ocala PD vs Tampa PD insight


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  • Ocala PD vs Tampa PD insight

    To start off, yes I’ve done my research into both, my question is more of a personal insight.

    obviously Tampa, being much bigger, has better pay and career opportunities.

    I am more curious if anyone has personal insight into either department, but mainly TPD? Looking for answers as to how they treat their officers, if they have your back, forced OT vs volunteer (love OT, just not every day so that there is no family life), quality of work environment, etc. things you can’t really get from a recruiter.

    Then there is the obvious living situation. I’m out of state but I would assume that Ocala, being more rural, is likely more family friendly. It also appears to have slightly cheaper cost of living, but possibly not enough difference to make up the pay gap?

    if anyone has personal knowledge of either that they’d be willing to share as a reply or direct message, I would appreciate it!

    I have worked in both smaller and a large department (over 2400), so the size isn’t a bad thing, I actually appreciate the opportunity it brings. But there are a lot of unknowns when transferring, especially from out of state.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Beware of the responses demonizing Tampa PD because of those demon democrats in that demon democrat run city because them democrat State's Attorney gonna send you packing to jail at the slightest moment you make any mistakes.

    I have no insight on either pd, I just wanted to get that out before the others say it..... also without having much insight to your questions. YOU may want to check out the Florida section here though. May have folks who know.


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      Ocala is a small city with quite a few big city problems. Right now there is a huge building boom in Marion County so the market is on fire and home prices, including rentals, are really expensive for a semi rural area. Personally, I wouldn't live in the city limits, but that's just me. I've worked with OPD over the years and they are a good department. They just got a new chief about a year ago, and there were some growing pains, bit I think that got ironed out.


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        Thank you for the reply! I sent you a message if you get some time, I would appreciate input on it!

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      These two departments and the areas they serve are very different. One, Ocala, is a smaller and more rural department, compared to Tampa, which is a much bigger department in more of a large city. Yes, there will probably be pay gaps between the two and different levels of policing, depending on the area (mainly in Tampa). Tampa is going to have more opportunity to move around, being the bigger agency, but big city, big crime too. It's also a matter of what type of lifestyle and community you and your family prefer to live in. If the more rural surroundings are more your speed, then look at Ocala. If you prefer living in a suburb maybe of a decent sized city with a good amount to do and things going on, etc, look at Tampa. Having previously lived in Tampa, I liked it there and I'd go personally, but it's a decision for you and your family. Go check out both cities. Do ride alongs, etc. Gather the most info you can and make the best decision for you and your family. A lot of people like to say this agency or that agency is the best etc..., but the best is what is best for you and your family. With that said too, obviously the more desirable areas like South FL where I am, Tampa, Orlando, etc, are going to have higher costs of living. With so many people moving down here to Florida over the last few years the prices have really jumped. Behind S FL, Tampa is currently the 2nd hottest housing market. Best of luck to you,


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