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NYPD to St. Petersburg PD Questions


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  • NYPD to St. Petersburg PD Questions

    Hello all!
    I'm a current NYPD officer looking to laterally transfer to St. Petersburg PD in Florida. I had some questions in regards to the hiring process and the department itself.

    For those who have applied out of state certified, what was the process like? How many trips did it take, and what was the hardest part?

    For those currently in the department how do you like it? What is the Morale like? What tours do you do? (ie, 12 hour tours or 10 hour tours) and what is the call volume on a day to day basis?

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    Hey what's up

    I took my EOT course at chipola college, which was 1 week. Its basically a proficieny course, showing you're good at shooting,, driving, first aid, and defensive tactics.
    After that, you'll get a certificate and then you'll need to take the state certification course.

    I didn't take my state certification until a few months later because there's a lot of reading and it isn't just basic law enforcement questions.

    I left the nypd before applying for a florida department because it was nearly impossible with the immense amount of OT and a ****ty CO to even get a 28 in.

    Morale here is okay. Departments are proactive but they expect not like nypd where they expect a number. Bring in a few 3-4 a week and you'll be set.U just gotta do your job properly.. no ****canning. BWC must be on for 99% of all encounters.

    My schedule is 4 on 4 off 12 hours. Vall volume wise, it depends. Florida is pretty ****ty but not compared to nyc.


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    I'm doing the process while sill being hired with NYPD because I don't like the feeling of leaving a guaranteed job for something not set and stone so if I were to get hired it should be conditional offer and then they would send me to the EOT course and to take the state exam.
    Is the process to collar same as us? (when you say bring in 3-4 a week did you mean collars or??) did you regret leaving NYPD at any point? I just wanted to check to see what the cons and pros are.


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      Any St. Pete cops available to PM, I'm looking to apply as well


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        Lots of NYPD coppers leave and end up throughout Tampa Bay. If you are looking at this area of Florida, you will be best off completing EOT at St. Petersburg College, after you complete the PASS process through them. Was straightforward and pretty time efficient at the time I went through, but Florida is inundated with out of state LEO’s flocking to work here so it may take longer than it has in the past. SPPD stays very busy and deals with the most violent crime of any agency in Pinellas County. Decent amount of opportunity for specialties in the department and they pay competitively. The city of St Pete is very liberal and only in the last year cut something like 20 new hire positions so they could hire social workers, as far as I know they quickly backtracked on that decision. As far as city agencies go in the Tampa Bay Area, Tampa PD is going to be your best bet overall. In Pinellas County for city agencies, I’d look at Clearwater PD or Largo PD, both of which have done phenomenal in contract negotiations recently and they seem to retain their guys. All pay well, offer a solid amount of career opportunities, and have more than their fair share of legitimate police work to be done. For what it’s worth, SPPD requires all new hires to be fully vaccinated if that is something that will affect you. The Bay Area is a great place to work and I’m sure most agencies here would be an upgrade from NYPD. Good luck.
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          I’m with SPPD, you can PM me and I’ll answer whatever questions you have


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