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  • Nypd

    Hello, I am currently in the NYPD and i would like to speak with someone who was in the NYPD and made the move to a FLPD. Can you please PM me? Or if you are reading this and you know of someone who worked for the NYPD and jumped over PLEASE get me in contact with them.

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    Contact any community College that has a police academy. Take a review class and test. Once you receive your results your state certified start applying. Find a dept where you're interested and speak to a recruiter good luck


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      Thank you for the reply. I have done my research and I am familiar with the process. I have specific job questions like 28's, AVP , IVD and more.


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      I worked in Upstate NY as a LEO for 4.5 yrs and made the transition finally last Jan. to a southwest FL agency and I don't regret it at all. I love the pay, the weather is amazing and plenty of OT. Take home car is a plus too, something we don't get in the north. No complaints at all, no liberal BS to deal with and a supportive governor. Get out of NY. Taxes, no support, bail reform and the weather is terrible.

      I really don't understand why anyone stays in NY and thinks change will ever happen and with the terrible weather and taxes, what is the pint in living there anymore....


      • casketcrew
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        Your absolutely right, I am the sole bread winner and I really have to plan this carefully. Dissect it!.....lol.. which is why I seek ppl from the NY area. To bounce some NYPD vs FL stuff.... I have already requested the transcript and am currently attempting to contact a trng center.

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      I was NYPD but moved down to Florida a few months ago, not one of the Lakeland cops lol.

      If you're serious about transitioning, look up places to take your EOT courses. I'd recommend taking your EOT at Chipola college, if you're on a budget. Once you pick a place where you'll take the EOT course, they'll send you forms that you need to sign and have it notarized. After all that, you'll need to send them your OFFICIAL transcript.


      CAC will then send it to you and then you'll have to mail it out to the institution. PLEASE REMEMBER TO GET THE OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT AND NOT THE STUDENT COPY. Official transcript will show every single courses you've taken from the academy to present.

      At the EOT, you'll demonstrate your proficiencies in driving, shooting, first aid, and defensive tactics. You'll also receive 2 study guide books for your state certification test. Passing score is an 80% and you better study the books. You can take practice exams on (myfloridapoliceexams.com), some questions from the website was on the SOCE but it's better to study from the book. Some of the questions pertain to chemicals, guns/shooting stances, defensive tactics, driving, first aid, Florida law, etc.. you'll find out. You can take your state certification test anytime after you finish your EOT.

      Now when it came to putting in my 28s, well I was able to switch my vacation for the week I took my EOT. Your admin LT shouldn't give you a problem, unless he's shakey af, but if you want to be on the safe side, speak to your pba delegate.

      DM me if you have any other questions.


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