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  • Length of Hiring Time for agencies

    Hi Everyone,
    Thank you in advance for taking the time to read and answer my post. I am currently in the hiring process with Miami Dade County which I've been told takes about a year. I am finally going to take the advice of several officers I've talked to and apply to some other agencies to better my odds. I was wondering if anyone knew how long the hiring process was for other South FL agencies and any positive or negative comments about them, especially City of Miami. Any related info is appreciated. Thanks again.

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    Depends on a few things; how accurate you fill out your background packet, how bad they want you, how quick the particular department is, and when the academy starts. I was in the academy less than 5 weeks from the date of my initial interview. The week after my interview i did all the steps of medical, pysch, poly and didnt hear a thing for about 2 1/2 weeks and all of a sudden the BI was at my house and told me everything was good and expect a call the next day. So for me the time from interview to academy was less than 5 weeks. My interview was two weeks from when i sent the application in. So 7 weeks total if you want to count waiting for the interview.

    Most of the people in my agency said theres took anywhere from two months- 4 months, but usually your background will be the longest, mine was easy because i had one job my whole life, and i got copies of high school and college transcripts well in advance of them asking for them so they didnt have to wait on anything.


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      Wowo that sounds great thanks for the reply! Is that for City of Miami?


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        That has to be city of miami because to take a pych, medical just 2 weeks after is not m.d.p.d for sure.

        for m.d.p.d expect about 6-8 months.

        I know for sure City of Miami is quick when they need people. Also, for M.D.P.D the pych is the last thing you do before hitting the academy. So to be doing it just 2 weeks after interview, must be the City.


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          Hey Lancelot,
          You are correct about Miami-Dade, I have been in the process with them since December and am currently waiting for a date to take the pych. I did not apply to City of Miami only because I did not want to work in that rough of a area my whole career so I cant shed any other info on them. The other department i'm in the process with is City of Miramar. I liked the area, good mix, rougher part to the east but nicer as you go west to I75. They are getting new patrol cars, take home program, tazers, the whole deal as far as equipment. I also liked the shifts Miramar works 4 days on 4 days off. One negative was they are not FRS but thier retirement seems pretty good. As far as the process with them, I appiled online in Feb took the Bpad video test then didnt hear anything for a while. Then once I was contacted again the whole thing went very fast. I had my medical 3-4 weeks ago and last thing i'm waiting on is the interview with the chief. The whole thing has been very professional. I agree apply to a few department you are would like to work for so you dont have all your eggs in one basket. My buddy got DQed from Miami-Dade for a ticket within the last year on a other wise clean record so they can be picky sometimes. Good luck to you


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