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Do they actually call the other agency for your application


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  • Do they actually call the other agency for your application

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    Please help me . I'm so stressed out . I don't kn
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      Originally posted by ebonyCop View Post
      I Use to model in the pictures that are online of me are not under my real name my first application I put the modeling name down it's not a alias it's not a nickname I would call it a stage name please do not get that confuse I've never danced but when you look up that name you see pictures of me with bikinis and rapping , I put that name down on 5 applications that asked for nicknames and alias . I was not going to put it on my next ones because it's not a nickname or alias . No one calls me the name it was just for social media . I'm just afraid it will look like I'm lying if they ask for a copy of my application. But I feel like the pictures could stop me from getting hired . I'm not naked in any of the pictures
      Don’t start lying.


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        Originally posted by ebonyCop View Post
        Please help me . I'm so stressed out . I don't know what to do
        You MUST disclose everything.


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          I wouldn't refer to you posting bikini pics of yourself on your social media accounts as "modeling".

          I was recruited to work at the rate of $1,000 an hour to ride and model motorcycles for the advertising campaign of a major motorcycle manufacturer. I listed it on my application, and I referred to it as modeling.

          My young wife was recruited to do some liquor modeling. She's also been sponsored by a surfing lifestyle bikini manufacturer and recruited to participate in their bikini calender photo shoot. I'd refer to that as modeling.

          I had a beat partner who modeled internationally (and professionally) in her teens, prior to becoming a cop. I'd refer to that as modeling.

          Referring to posting bikini pics of yourself on your social media accounts as "modeling", raises questions about your ability to accurately perceive the world around you, which can be a problem at numerous stages of the hiring process, particularly the psych.

          And if it is not a psych problem, then it may be perceived as an honesty problem.

          Posting them online at all, given the context you imply, also raises questions about your judgement.

          I don't know why you were using a "stage" name to post them under, but if it's Onlyfans or something like that, then you're probably not something that a law enforcement agency is going to be willing to take on.

          I wish you the best...
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            ...and what's with your username here? You're not a cop, and a Google search of your username brings up a bunch of porn sites.

            You need to realize that part of our work is dealing with sex trafficking, and a LOT of our work deals with drugs (which is an integral part of sex trafficking).

            We generally are looking for applicants that can assist by taking some of the workload off of us, not add to it...


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              You will sigh a waiver giving the agency you apply with access to all records pertinent to your personal history. Using that waiver, that agency will obtain copies of the applications and background investigations performed by all other departments you applied with. If there are significant discrepancies or omissions in your current application or personal history questionnaire versus previous ones submitted to other agencies, it can be looked at as a lack of thoroughness and accuracy on your part at best, or dishonesty at worst. It really doesn't matter which, as either is grounds for disqualification.

              As the others have said, leave nothing out. I once met a woman was used to be a nude dancer. Last I heard, she made Sergeant with her department.

              Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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                Thank God for hitting save. OP redacted. Good thing it’s permanently here.


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                  Good job, brother...

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