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Former GA LEO to FL - St Johns, JAX, Tampa, Boca?


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  • Former GA LEO to FL - St Johns, JAX, Tampa, Boca?

    I'm a former LEO in Georgia, I've been out of the game for the past 3 years, but looking to get out of Georgia and move closer to the beach. Corporate life is ruining my soul, so I'd like to get back into LE, even if it is a decent pay cut.

    We want to be near the beach and have a decent salary/retirement. Are there any good departments near JAX/St Aug?

    We are also considering Tampa area, Boca area, and anywhere near the beach, but Boca seems to be pretty pricey, especially since I'll be taking a pay cut. I'd love to be with a department that has K-9 and/or SWAT as well.

    Also, what kind of part time pays are there in Florida? And does part times count towards your salary for retirement or is it like GA where its separate?


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    While boca is expensive keep in mind that Boca Pd is highest paying in southeast US. Also you can take your car home and don’t have to live in the city. As far as part time is concerned not many departments offer part time jobs.


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      Living near the beach is not going to be cheap regardless of the area. The areas you named are all very different and obviously in different parts of the State. The first thing you need to do is decide which part of FL you want to be in and then go from there. While FL_Leo is correct about Boca being the highest paid department, and will continue to be considering their new contract coming soon, it doesn't mean you have to live there or would get on there as it is a highly sought after department. There are several other good departments down here though. South Florida in general is going to have a higher cost of living than the Jax/St Aug area and be a bit higher than Tampa, but it's not a huge gap as the Tampa area has gotten more expensive. Here in S FL there are departments that do have reserves or part time slots as School Resource Officers, etc. If you want the specialty units that you described above you're going to have to go to a department as a regular officer to get on one of those units. I'd recommend figuring out where in the State you want to live first then come back and I'm sure we can all give you suggestions on what agencies to look at in that area then. Best of luck to you.


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