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D.O.C. pay raises?


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  • D.O.C. pay raises?

    Has anyone got a definate confirmed answer to if we are getting a pay raise this year? I have heard that we aren't getting one for two years. At my institution we already have at least 10-15 people leaving for the county.

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    Nope, We are getting instead a 1000 bonus which after taxes is going to to be 644. Every state employee is getting the same thing, no one who works LE is getting a raise just the bonues.
    The state screwed all of there LEOs and COs in FL. Thank you florida.


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      My uncle works for an agency in Fl. also, and when this happened to them they dropped the pba and got the teamsters and now they get good raises every year. They actually get the cost of living. And promotions are a nice raise. We just have to get the teamsteres to pick up d.o.c.


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        As a former Florida DOC employee, my advice is not to wait for or count on a union, (or as we have to call them in Florida, a collective bargaining unit,) to improve any aspect of your life including your finances.

        I wasted my money on union dues for many years and then, like so many others, went to work for a county and improved not only my financial world with regular, decent, non-union inspired raises, but the morale and overall work atmosphere is 100% better.

        Make the move to a county agency. You get to keep your FRS and hopefully your sanity. Plus you send a message to DOC that they bite.
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