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    Hello everyone,

    I am in the process of completing my BMST, CJBAT, and Swim Test so that I can complete the Application requirements just to send in my Pre Job Questionnaire.

    I've seen quite a few posts asking about background on the site, so I apologize for being redundant. I just wanted to get an idea if I have a shot with any agency given my background.

    My concerns are as follows:

    1. I'm 5 years sober today, and made some stupid mistakes when I was younger. Does being someone in recovery make you less likely to be given the opportunity to interview for a position?
    2. In 1999 I had a DUI, open container, and underage consumption.
    3. 8 years ago I went with a group of friends for a bachelor party to Tijuana. We went to a strip club that ended up being more than a strip club, and money exchanged hands with the dancers for more than just a dance. I am extremely lucky I didn't go home with a permanent souvenir.

    Today I am truly a different person. I volunteer at a state correctional institution teaching meditation, and Yoga (which have saved my life in sobriety). I volunteer in my community, mentor those who are early in sobriety, and I teach at drug and alcohol treatment centers in South Florida sharing my experience, strength, and hope to those still suffering. I am blessed to have a family today, no felonies, or violent history, and my credit is good.

    On the PJQ it specifically asks about sex acts for money, so I am going to be completely honest with my entire past. Does this past mistake eliminate me completely?

    Not proud of my mistakes, but they've certainly been a huge part of my learning process, and taught me what I don't want in life. Thanks for any guidance.
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    Most agencies are not looking for saints, but looking for honest individuals. Just be completely honest. Complete the application and try to speak with a recruiter and explain to them the situations you’ve encountered in the past. The worse they can do is deny you. No felonies , violent history and good credit are all positive things for you.


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      Obviously none of us here can give you an exact answer. With that being said however, the best advice is to try and apply. You will need to have an answer for everything you listed because as you know it will be questioned. As mentioned you should speak to a recruiter directly as they will be of best guidance. Good luck.


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        Thank you guys. I was wondering if it would be ok to reach out to a recruiter with these questions as well. I am going on a ride along with a South Florida Department on Saturday, so I will reach out to the recruiter. I appreciate the honest feedback.


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          I see three issues here.

          First you say you are five years sober. But what was your history oif intoxicant use prior to that? That will play a role in this matter.

          A 20 year old DUI on it own and as a juvenile should not be an lssue, but agai, what was your intoxicant use after that and up until five years ago? Again, the complete history will have a bearing.

          I have a different attitude that most with regard to your "Tijuana Hijnks." Most applicants in similar situations are disqualified solely because they engaged in an unlawful act of prostitution, a punishable crime. If they appeal, the basis for disqualification is that they willingly engaged in an ullawful act that reflected poor judgement on their part and that disqualificatiin is upheld.

          Applicants are sililarly disqualified on the same basis (unlawful acts) if they were found in a back alley craps game or placing bets with a bookmaker. Interestingly, we would not disqualify them if they went to Nevada and played craps in a licensed casino, or placed bets with a licensed betting establishment because it is legal to do so there. I bring this up because prostitution is not illegal in Tijuana. It is a lawful profession where prostitutes are licensed and must have periodic medical checks. While I might fell sorry for a guy who pays a TJ hooker, I cannot find legitimate grounds for disqualifying him, simply because the conduct is not unlawful. It is also lawful in most of Nevada. You might mention that to your BI.

          Going too far is half the pleasure of not getting anywhere


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            Thank you for the feedback L-1.

            My primary, and only intoxicant was alcohol, but I certainly drank a lot of it. I didn't have any arrests after my 1999 issues, but there were times I drove after having too much to drink.

            The TJ issue was a huge error in judgement. I don't want to try to rationalize a bad decision, but I would like the chance to explain it, and how I now utilize that mistake as an example of where our "bottom" can go when hooked by addiction when I volunteer in the community. But I also understand that a LE agency would look at that and say "good for you for getting sober, but sorry."

            What about reaching out to a recruiter and asking them about the scenario? or is it better to just go through the process and let the chips fall where they may?

            Thanks again.


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              The Alcohol abuse (DUI arrest in 99, and 5 years sober indicating you probably have a history of alcohol abuse) and solicitation will be your hurdles. We all have backgrounds, good luck getting any department to give you a clear answer on yes or no, but some can give you flat out no's on certain things. Schedule an appointment with recruiters and they can usually give you the auto DQ's.

              If you lie or gloss over anything in your history you will get an automatic DQ and you will have to report that to other agencies you apply to. The volunteer stuff looks good. Since your username is FL something, I assume your in FL, If you are looking for a sponsored academy position with any type of background you are going to have mountains to climb, look at the self-paid option. I self-paid and got hired in the academy, reimbursed tuition, wages and all.


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                Would you just reach out directly to a department’s recruiter and ask about the scenario? Thanks for the advice!

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              Yes get in touch with a recruiter there job is to get you in the door. And some will actually tell you enough so you don't waste your time.


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