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  • CCSO & CO

    I have been putting my applications in at a lot of departments. Unfortunately, I haven't had much luck. However, I did receive a letter today stating I was accepted by Collier County to be interviewed for the Corrections Officer position instead of the Deputy position I had originally applied for. It's a foot in the door, thats the way I see it.

    Now, according to the HR lady, it takes 18 months after being hired to be eligible to apply for the LEO position. Is anyone employed by CCSO? Any input from officers who may have taken the same route I have? Any info is appreciated. Does it take more than 18 months (on average) to get the ball rolling to become a Deputy? Only reason I ask is because I remember reading another post where someone mentioned it taking a long time.

    Thanks guys!

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    If you really want to an LEO, have you looked at Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or Lee county Sheriffs? I know for a fact that the requirements in Fort Myers are not that strict.


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      My biggest problem is my driving record. So... I haven't looked too far from home. I'll take a look at those dept. Thanks!


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        I hear collier is very strict on sending everyone to the jail before the road, and have heard some horror stories of people leaving there to transfer after 4 or 5 years because they were never able to get transfered out of the jail because there werent enough jail deputies to allow transfers. Theres plenty of places to try, cape coral and fort myers are worth a try.


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          Cape Coral's application says you can only have 1 ticket in the last yr. and not more than 3 in the last 3 yrs. Not sure about FMPD.


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            You should have an opportunity to go to the road at Collier but it will be longer than 18 months. At 18 months is when you can put in your letter of intent to go to the road. You then have to go through the entire testing process again (oral boards, poly, pysch). If you pass that, you will then be put in the next cross over academy which could be anywhere from a month to 6+ months away. The cross over academy is 6 months and once you complete that and pass thew state exam you will be given a date to start on the road.

            So realistically you are looking at about 2 1/2 years before you actually start on the road.


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              Originally posted by skibum81
              If you really want to an LEO, have you looked at Fort Myers, Cape Coral, or Lee county Sheriffs? I know for a fact that the requirements in Fort Myers are not that strict.

              I put in a application at Fort Myers. I am a certified correction officer with alot of training and they told me they had better applicants.

              Some of my training:
              Bloodborne Pathogens
              Club Drugs
              Controlled F.O.R.C.E. Weapon Retention
              Crash Investigations
              Crisis Negotiations
              Cultural Diversity
              Domestic Terrorist Groups
              Driving Under the Influence
              Drug Recognition Expert
              Effective Courtroom Testimony
              Emotionally Disturbed Persons
              Gang Training
              Interview Techniques
              Interview Techniques Advanced
              Managing Street Informants: Informant Development
              Officer Survival
              Patrol Response to
              Active Shooters
              Stolen Vehicle Identification
              Surviving Search Warrants
              Use of Force
              Taser and Ice Shield
              Been on Rapid Responce Team for 2 years ( Correctional SWAT team)
              and a few other small things.


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                Most of the training you listed is taught while in the academy(mine, maybe not yours)? Are these classes in addition to your academy training?

                IMHO, prior police experience, military service and college are usually what is desireable and not necessarily courses that most(if already certified) already have.

                I am sure the right police department will come along for you. Good luck.
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