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In your opinion what are the top police departments in Florida?


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  • In your opinion what are the top police departments in Florida?

    What would you say the top police departments in Florida are?
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    Top in what? Pay? Benefits? Or all of that combined?
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      Every agency has it's positives and negatives. It would be hard to say which agency is the best in Florida. If I had to take an opinion on this, I would say that every agency is the worst and every agency is the best. It all comes down on who you talk about that specific department.


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        A better way to phrase the question, might be:

        "what are some of the most respected sheriff's offices/police departments in the state:

        It may elicit more objective response to the question.



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          If your looking for employment, the "best" department is 100% relative.

          Do you want to work in a rich (slower) area or in an area with more action?

          What kind of schedule do you want to work? (This was a big factor when I was looking for departments)

          How much will you accept (Pay, benefit wise)?

          Cost of living is also a huge factor?

          Do you want a small/large/medium size agency?

          If your asking the broad question of "which is the best", well I doubt anyone can answer that because no one has had experience working for every department in the state.


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            I have had this question running through my head since getting here. I worked for 3 agencies in Indiana. One I was a reserve at excellent department as far as co-workers low pay for fulltime LEOs and benefits blew.

            The second good starting point, low $$ (21K per yr) good equipment little to No room for advancement not to mention an Lt started at 31k.

            The third department had good officers and down right people that shouldnt be there, good experience but the adminstration---well that was a different story altogether most of them hadnt worked the road since the early 90s and when they did they were lazy as hell. I worked there from 03-06 and went things went south and we all know they can in the drop of a hat they would not defend you, almost side with the criminal.

            Now I am with a oustanding PD that takes care of me, gives me good stuff (equipment, training, help, treats me like a person), That makes it an excellent pD in my opinion. Sure they could have a better retirement and money/benefits, but hands down the best over all department I have worked for because they have whats important to ME.

            I say that, to say this it depends on what you call a good department. It depends on what's important to you. Money, moral, ect.

            I feel there are some great large PDs down here Ft Lauferdale, Lee Co. Collier Co, Hillsborough Co., Orlando, Tampa.
            Good smaller departments Ovideo, Casleberry, Tavares, St Pete Beach, UCF, USF.
            But botttom line someone at each department can tell you 10 reason why they hate the place. You need to narrow it down then go do a few ride alongs. Once they get to know you they will speak freely to you pros/cons, not to mention u'll see it with your own eyes. Then decide In your opinion which is the best PD/So in FL.
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              i learned that you have to explore everything on your own and make your own decision. Asking opinions is one thing, but as we all know people complain before they will praise or commend. DOes anyone ever call the customer service hotlines to say "good job" or "i like your product." They don't, well maybe one in a million, but when u ask opinions on here i think people who have a grudge or negative experience will speak up before someone who has had a positive experience. You can have the best organization in the world, yet there will still be one person who thinks negatively about it, you might just happen to hear from that one person, so when your looking for a place to work do all your own research and make your own opinion.


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                I understand it is hard to rate departments, in that every department is going to have something better and something worse than the other, but what I am really getting at is I am very interested in working in FL, but have no idea where to begin looking. I have been looking in Broward and Dade county but its impossible to get all the information on their website, and even more impossible to go and personally look at the department. I guess I'm just looking for in your opinion the overall top departments to work for.
                "If you aint got no money take your broke a** home"


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                  There are some really good ones in South West Fl. PM me if you want some of the ones that are recruiting...


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                    PBSO is a tremendous agency but as far as #1 in the state and all, I dunno about all that. There are alot of good agencies in the State. Boca Raton is a great agency as well as Coral Springs, Hillsborough County SO, Orange County SO, Jacksonville I hear is pretty solid, Tampa PD, Pinellas County SO, Orlando PD..etc.... There are alot out there.
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                      Easy there buddy, calm yourself don't take it personally. I do work for one of the agencies I listed. Just trying to give the original poster an idea of who to look at. As far as the other agencies I listed I know personally guys working there or have met people from there. As far as Boca guys jumping ship all the time to go to the county, um...no. You sir are misinformed on that one, maybe here and there "WE" lose people...but it's more the other way around, guys want to come with us than not. But instead of trying to bash or whatever any other agencies be happy where you work, because yeah you do work for a very good agency, I have plenty of friends that work at PBSO. I'm happy where I work, I work for a very good agency as well and I support guys wherever they work..done.
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                        It always amazes me that applicants are more interested in what the agency can give them, than whether or not there is a sense of pride among the officers there. The agencies mentioned are certainly good agencies to work for. However, I have seen an influx of new officers who bring absolutely nothing to the job, other than the fact that they are unemployed. Now, when it comes time to give back, these same guy and gals run to the union and whine about their "tough" working conditions. Pride, integrity, loyalty, professionalism...do these agencies exhibit those qualities and is that important to you? Of course you need a good paycheck and benefits, but let's be honest, there are better paying careers than law enforcement.
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                          Best Agencies

                          I will agree that the agencies south of Orlando may be better, but there are a few good ones north of Orlando though. Jacksonville SO, Tallahassee PD, Volusia CO., and St. Johns CO., are just a few. Many feel southern agencies are better because they pay better, but they also have a larger tax base to pull from which results in more money for new equipment. There are several state agencies that are up there too. FHP has a training program like no other, and the only thing lacking with them is pay. I bet if there pay was at least 40k a year everyone would be mentioning them as well.


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                            There is no such thing as a #1 agency in FL but if anyone cares my for my input I would say Orlando PD, Orange County SO, Tampa PD, Hillsborough SO, Miami Beach PD, Palm Beach SO.


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