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Switching Jobs during hiring process


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  • Switching Jobs during hiring process

    Hey all,

    I'm new around here. Been reading what you all have to say to some of the other guys like me working on getting hired down in the MIA area and I was wondering if I could ask you all a question.

    I'm in the hiring process with MDPD. Took the CJBAT and passed , got my orientation letter and am slated to meet my BI this month.

    My question is , I'm working part time right now and I was offered a nice full time gig and I was considering a move there until the hiring process was over. The only reason I'm considering it is because Ive heard that the process still has anywhere from 6 months to a year left before I may get hired.

    Do you all think switching jobs so close to the BI investigation could show as a red flag or hinder my hiring process? I would be leaving my old job under good circumstances. Just looking to make a little more cash if there is still a long time left before I may get hired.

    Also, any estimates on how long is left from the Orientation to completion of the polygraph, bg check etc. ?

    I have o many questions , but i know they will get answered with time so I wont bombard you guys, thanks for any help in advance. Really excited about getting started in LE. Hopefully it all works out.

    Thanks again.
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    I'm in Central Florida so I can't answer all of your questions, but I actually think it'd look good for you to move from a part time to a full time job. I think the fact that you're taking on more responsibility outweighs the fact that you're taking a job that you may not be at for very long.


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      I am not a cop. But StudChris does have a good point.

      The flip side though is why mess with a good thing? They may not approve or you might not like the new job, or they might not like you? There are negatives as well.

      If I were you I would stick it out where I am at since your comfortable there. Sure more money is good but are you sure you are going to like this new job? What if you dont like it or they dont like you?

      I think that the best thing to do is to ask your BI.


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        Depends. Is the new job managing a Strip Club? Or, some other type of unsavory employment. If it's carrier advancement go for it. Any investigator worth there salt will see what you are doing. "Bird In Hand Is Better Than Two In The Bush". Nobody is a walk-on, cover your 6.

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          Thanks for the replies.

          StudChris: That is a good point , I wasn't looking at it that way but something to consider.

          Tecumseh: Thats more along the lines I was thinking, tough decision.

          Thek9: I work for a city parks & recreation dept now, the open position is with the University of Miami. so I would see it as an upgrade. But I'm more afraid of being giged for taking a job i knew I would have to quit. Don't want to come off like like I take commitment lightly.

          At this point is wait and see for things to develop, Very good advice everyone, thank you.


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            Not to put a bad thought in your head, but what if Miami does not hire? then where will you be at? Would you rather have a full-time job (with better pay) if you get turned down and have to wait till other dept's come along?

            Like mentioned before, no BI will fault you for moving forward with your career, just in case.
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