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    Our New Charger Is In....not Done Yet...

    Alright boys and girls...I promised I would put the picture up when it came in...the 'phantom graphics' have to be put on still though...http://www.ssb5.net/users/18520/tpd_may_8_2007.jpg



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      I WANT IT!!!! I WANT IT!!!!!
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      I Am the Sheepdog.


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        Wish there was one for every officer...

        Yehhhhh, she's pretty, huh?
        Hey Dan, house huntin' still goin' on? Sent the e-mail to ya.


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          How was your ride?

          Originally posted by pvttjc View Post
          Didn't mean to get you under the heat!!! I just couldn't find your e-mail via the website. I will be calling you back later today. Thank you.
          Hey pvttjc! How was it yesterday? Sorry I was only able to speak with you a few moments...on the run. Hope all went well.


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            I sent you an e-mail. I'm thinking our e-mail servers don't like eachother as I seem to get things you sent me about a week later than you sent it!!!

            In short, it was great. I think I got paired well, though it was not a busy day. I preferred it to be slow being that I got to ask just about every question that came to mind and we weren't interupted every five minutes for a call.

            I think my LE philosophy and values will fit well with the department. I am looking foward to riding again, and soon!


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              How is the housing in Tavares?
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                I really like this dept, so out of curiosity I've been looking at housing in the surronding communities (eustis, mt dora, leesburg, astatula) and I'm seeing that there is some growth, but it's slow. The biggest boom in Lake Co seems to be in the Clermont area and the communities bordering Marion Co getting towards the villages.

                It's not the huge market boom that's happening in brevard/orange/seminole or even south volusia, but there are definitely some good homes at the $180-$250k mark.

                Right in Tavares there seem to be alot of manufactured homes at $150k and lower. Alot of them are actually really nice with canal/lake access.

                Check out the Orlando MLS site - http://www.orlandomls.com/ - it goes up to leesburg/tavares if you adjust the map.


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                  Think pvvtjc answered your questions...

                  Originally posted by LCPLPunk View Post
                  How is the housing in Tavares?
                  The entire city of Tavares is on water, so many of our developments tend to have higher than average values. I looked at a brand new 6 bedroom, 4 bath, 2 car garage single family home by Centex today in our city, that is over 3500 square feet - and it costs $267,000. My house which is 20 minutes southwest in a neighboring city is only 1800 square feet, 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage and lists for $289,000. I would love to buy the 6 bedroom house, but since my home was purchased 4 years ago, my property taxes are lower than what I would have to pay if I move. You have to factor the cost of property taxes when you look at buying a home. Hope that helps. GOOD LUCK!


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                    We Have An Opening...start Applying.

                    Received word TODAY that we need to hire yet another officer.
                    PLEASE, be sure to read from page one of this posting...I'm SURE you will see the answer to every question you may want to ask. If you do not find the answer, OR...simply want to touch base in order to express your interest in applying...post your info on this forum. I will review daily, and respond as quickly as possible.
                    Link to police department:
                    Link to application:

                    GOOD LUCK!


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                      City of Taveres hiring one officer

                      I am interested, but currently living in Connecticut. I am however FL
                      certified. I just moved up to Connecticut from FL, but I am interested
                      in returning to FL. I have 4 months experience in FL from Polk County
                      Sheriffs as a Deputy trainee, but failed training by one percent on the last
                      day of training in 2005. I am really looking for a second chance before my
                      certification expires. I am in really good physical condition and my
                      affidavit of separation from PCSO is in good standing with no misconduct.
                      I have a really positive attitude and feel that I got a really raw deal because
                      there was no extension given whatsoever. But everything happens for a reason,
                      so hopefully this may be an opportunity I should consider.
                      Let me know what I need to do. I will take a flight down for an interview
                      and processing with no problem. I just want another chance.
                      Lakelaw - PM me if you want to talk to me more about my situation.
                      I will be happy to give you my cell phone number to talk to you.


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                        Thank you for your message! Click on the link above, in order to print out the application. Complete it and attach it to a cover letter, provide a copy to Major French at the police department address, but send the original to City of Tavares Human Resources (address on application). I will PM you with my PD e-mail. GOOD LUCK!


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                          Hows it going LL?


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                            LL - let me know when I can come in and hand the app's to the Major. I need two copies (hr and the major)?


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                              Long time no talk...

                              Originally posted by soflacop View Post
                              Hows it going LL?
                              Going great sofl, how about yourself? Still looking to move up the central FL area?


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                                Major is very busy with things right now...

                                Originally posted by pvttjc View Post
                                LL - let me know when I can come in and hand the app's to the Major. I need two copies (hr and the major)?
                                Hello pv! If you come back to ride with another squad at night, you'll miss admin. anyway. So best thing would be to mail hard copy to HR and also CC Major. Spoke to one of our traffic units today, and he said he meant for you to ride part of your shift out with him, but he was only in the 'Stang that day (only has 1 seat). Sure your not moving???


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